The Savage Volturnus Saga

The Savage Volturnus Saga

The Campaign takes place prior to the first contact with the Verge and the Stellar Ring.  The year is 2120 Earth time (Federation Year 65)

Pale (Truane’s Star) is the starting point of the only known starship route through the Xagyg Dust Nebula. Currently all travel to Rim planets must pass this way. The Streel Corporation is headquartered in the planet’s capital, Point True.

The government of Truane’s Star has hired you to carry out a mission to a newly discovered planet beyond the Pronus Fingers, a section of the Xagyg Dust Nebula nears to their system.  This planet is called Volturnus in the newly dubbed Zebulon System. The first expedition to Volturnus disappeared without trace as soon as it entered the Pronus Fingers Pass. You are to journey by corporate transport to Volturnus.  If possible, you are to locate and rescue any survivors of this mission.  Additionally, you are to complete the mission they started – map as much of the planet as possible using the remote drone system supplied by the government.  The government is especially interested in contacting and studying any intelligent races living on the planet. If you meet an intelligent race, you are to make friendly contact and learn as much about them as possible.

The transport you will be boarding is the Serene Dawn – A Streel Corp Merlin-class automated survey ship. You are given an interior plan of the level of the starship you are allowed access to. Streel Security also searched your luggage and placed all weapons and power packs in the weapons locker. They also placed your other heavy gear, such as armor and tactical gear in the cargo hold. The only items you were allowed to take to your tiny cabins were your non-weapon tool kits.

During your journey, you have toured the area of the ship you are allowed.  It contains a small recreation areas, the observation dome, the galley, living quarters, and supply storage. There is nothing else of interest in that area. In the event you must evacuate ship, you have been instructed to proceed immediately to the escape bay, where two of the Serena Dawn‘s lifeboats are stored. Each lifeboat holds up to eight persons. If it becomes necessary to use the lifeboats, you have been instructed not to open the hatch until all persons using the lifeboat are assembled and ready to enter it. This is because the lifeboats automatically launch one minute after the hatch is opened. They then seek the nearest inhabitable planet and land in the first safe spot.

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