The War Years 2: Mission to Alpha Dawn

The War Years 2: Mission to Alpha Dawn


If the same group:

After safely returning with Ilder, the PCs are soon briefed into a new mission.  Balrom Ilder’s mind has been picked by Star Law & Fleet psi-interogators.  All the information he knows about the planet Alpha Dawn is in an Allied database.  The PCs are then briefed about Alpha Dawn.

If new group/semi-new group:

Balrom Idler will be introduced to the group and his situation explained.  The Star Law and FLeet joint intelligence division wants all information that Ilder has on the subjects of the Kzin and the Khalia tactics.  This apparently is located on a planet designated Alpha Dawn.  Ilder says it’s being held in the capitol city archives, under guard.  He also says if the Sauron rumor is true, it will be even harder to get to.


Plot Synopsis:

The Saurons have allied with the Alpha Imperial humans, who dominate the primary continent on Apha Dawn.  The Apha Dawn Imperial Authority is a isolationist tyrannical government that took the planet by force, crushing all other nations in a global war decades ago.  There remains a resistance against the Authority in nomadic tribes that travel the wildlands outside each city state.  The Saurons have established an embassy in the capitol city with a small armed contingent.

Ilder’s family was a prominent political power within the Alphan society.  They consider Balrom a traitor.  His family are the primary contact between the Alphan authority and the Saurons.

The PC’s primary goal is to get to the Archive and retrieve the intelligence on the Kzin and the Khalia.  To do this, they will have to make contact with the resistance tribes and deal with their internal politics.   {Old politics die hard – although the tribes want to return the world to the way it was before the world spanning domination of the Authority, they still hold old political grudges left over from before the Authority.  It leads to the moral question of what is better – fighting tribes or a world dominating authority).