The Warhulk

The Warhulk

During the start of the Second Galactic, StarMech was overwhelmed.  It did not have the population to take on the superior Thuldan Empire, despite the fact that the Thuldans were fighting a multi-front war.  To compensate for this, the StarMech resorted to they new best – robotics.  The Warhulk series of battle cruisers were built in this effort and were very effective in their fleet engagements.  They used revolutionary AI technology to create a formidable battle machines in space.  With high-tech predictive heuristics, one Warhulk could take on small flotilla of Thuldan manned-vessels.

A Warhulk could easily operate autonomously but StarMech made it a policy to at least have a skeleton crew of 5.  They built enough personnel facilities for 14, however.  A standard 4th-Generation Warhulk is around 300 to 350 meters long (1000ft to 1200ft), which is around the size of a standard battleship.  The Deuces Wild  is about 65 meters (210 ft). The largest ships of the modern fleet are the fortress ships, about 3200 meters (10,000 ft).


  • Star Destroyer (Star Wars): 5200 ft
  • Battlestar Galactica: 4200 ft
  • USS Enterprise 1701: 950 ft
  • USS Enterprise 1701D: 2100 ft
  • Millenium Falcon: 90 ft

The standard Warhulk was equipped with about twice as much weaponry as ships of equivalent size.  The star drive of a Warhulk was rated at around 15 ly.  In-system, it could reach speeds of up to 0.2c. (c = speed of light).