Thermal Detonators: Another Look

Thermal Detonators: Another Look

In Shadows of the Empire  the Thermal Det. in the book are a bit out of scale with the TDs of the RPG. They took out a castle on Coruscant, for pete’s sake. I am sure someone else has notice this.
Well, I have somewhat of a explanation; a rule that fills that plot hole…

In the book, they called the TDs our heroes were using “Class A Thermal Detonators” or
something like that. If they were class A, then there must be other classes. Each class
does the same damage dice as the TD in the R&E rules, but at different scales

Class Scale Price
A Star Fighter 50,000
B Walker 10,000
C Speeder 5000
D Character 2000

Availability is up to the GM, and you can modify the price as you see fit.


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