This Writer’s strike is the Executives’ way to  ‘nuke it from orbit’

This Writer’s strike is the Executives’ way to ‘nuke it from orbit’

Now `The 4400` has been cancelled and Battlestar Galactica is in jeopardy. Jericho was due back for a few episodes to close out the cliffhanger and now that might not even happen. We suffer through a season of brainless reality shows like `Clash of the Choirs` and more American Idol-like crap while the writers and the executives sit on their butts and don`t talk. I have to wait for another season of 24 because another Union has decided to whine again.

But who`s fault is this? It is the Executives, who knew this was coming and held out because they wanted to nuke the entire line up, scorch that earth and start from scratch. They didn`t like the shows that WE were demanding and wanting to see and so the held out on the writers, forced the strike and now we suffer the reality-crap.

Don`t get me wrong. Some reality shows are good, but the sheer number of them now is making me sick. And I really really hate these American Idol style shows – `Dancing with the Stars`, `Clash of the Choirs`, etc. Just give me Survivor and The Amazing Race and I am good to go.

Now I realize this is just TV. I should thank the Executives. They are giving me more time to shorten my Netflix list and spend more time with my family. But there are some damn good shows that are going to die simply because a certain elite doesn`t like them. This is wrong.

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