Timothy Yardman Reed, The Man Called Tyr

Timothy Yardman Reed, The Man Called Tyr

“I Hunt, therefore I Am”

“You are nothing more than meat.. Meat for the Beast”

Timothy Yardman Reed or simply Tyr; traveler, hunter, a lone creature of a man. Half werewolf himself, he lives in a world that often mistakes him for a beast. He wanders the streets alone, fighting his beast-half, in spirit and in the physical, hunting his werebeast half-brothers. He is the grandson of a powerful being that calls himself the Asgard God, Tyr, god of War and Justice and Warrior against the Fenryr wolf. His grandson hopes to find his destiny with his Blade-Hand in the Fenryr’s heart. He fights on, one-handed with a mystical blade to replace the hand he lost fighting his father. His father, not by anyone’s choice, was a werewolf clan leader who raped the human daughter of Tyr, the god. Tyr, the man, fights himself and the beast within as he hunts down the beasts of the moon, the bastard children of the Fenryr, the weres.

Two renditions of a character I created for Champions first, and later ShadowRun. One of my favorite Characters. The color was drawn by Derrick Gregoire, and the other is by me.

General Concept:

Timothy Yardman Reed was born from an inspiration to combine a lot of disjointed ideas into one.  One of the biggest influence was a movie called Runestone, about the coming of Tyr and the Fenryr wolf to modern world.  I also liked the one-handed man in Candyman. And the creatures from Dark Conspiracy called Pale.  I combined these to get a pretty meaty, plot thick, maybe-somewhat 2-dimensional creature-hero for Champions (more suited for Dark Champions)

Timothy’s grandfather, in general mythos terms, is the Asgard God, Tyr.  His mother was Tyr’s daughter.  His mother Isabella, was raped by one of the Fenryr wolves “children”, a werewolf, and gave birth to Timothy.  In my mythos here, I link the were to the Fenryr wolf of Asgard mythology, or at least the werewolves.   I’m not too concerned about other weres.

Timothy or Tyr, as he likes to be called, is simply a hunter and a guardian, but he is torn by his beast-side.  His grandfather’s power surges through his blood, keeping the total transformation at bay, but occasionally the beast will show itself, especially when he is angry. His face turns slight bestial, and some wolf fur does appear along his face and hand.

Tyr tracked his father down once.  But the battle was short, and Tyr nearly lost his life.  Fortunate for him, he only lost his hand.  From there, he built his blade, using techniques of his ancestors, and lacing the forging with silver to give it that extra burn for weres.

Because of his divine heritage, he has one side effect and one talent.  The cold of the Norslands has seemed to follow Tyr.  Everywhere he walks seems to drop several degrees; a sort of cold field around his body.  It, at times, can be annoying, and sometimes gives his position away, but most don’t know about it, and he works hard to make sure his enemies don’t know about it.

Also, he is able to summon up what he calls “astral power” to form a blast that can be focused through his blade.  Before the blade, he didn’t know he could do it.  It became a sort of focus for his power.  His godly blood also gives him a longer life.  He is not totally immortal, but he expects to fight his war with the Fenryr for a long time.

Tyr is an expert martial artist and great at intimidation.  He can sometimes summon up enough of the beast in him to roar and cause normal mortals to faint or gain a few gray hairs.


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