Tin Man – Verdict?

Tin Man – Verdict?

Well, the hype started early last year and I watched all three hours, some with my daughter who is a big “Wizard of Oz” fan. It was billed as a re-imagining of a classic tale. It started out fairly strong, with interesting twists here and there, and I liked some of the characterizations overall. The SFX were decent, the CGI graphics well done. It had a “Time Bandits” meets “Narnia” feel to it. I liked the take on the universe and story elements worked pretty well.


The acting was pretty bad. DG (the Dorothy character) was monotone and dry. She is almost emotionless until they got to the “angst” parts. They should have made her a Goth-chick.

6 hours was probably a little too long. Maybe there wasn`t enough story and they filled it with “eye-candy” but I just felt it was too long.

Some of the sets were cheesy. The Milltown set was bad. The Generator Room set made me feel like we were in a badly done fan film.

The Raw (Lion) character was kind of shallow, and was more a tool than a character. I wanted to know more about his people and why he was so afraid.

The title character by far was the best character, of course, but also the “scarecrow” character was good. That was probably the best twist on the classic concept.

Overall, I liked it OK, but not “wow`ed.” It`s not a movie I would go out and buy the DVD for. But it was OK.