Titansgrave Adventure: Fire in the Sky

Titansgrave Adventure: Fire in the Sky

An Idea I came up with inspired by a craft of an ancient fortress I am building.

Best comment about this terrain craft:

Crickey! It looks like Skeletor took control of Cobra!



  1. The Church of the Long Night: A cult or order deeply seated in a religious doctrine centered on the Cataclysm and the Long Night.  The Church of the Long Night talks of punishment and repentance, believing that the Cataclysm of long ago was punishment of the gods.  Somewhat rooted in some of the Prophet’s doctrine, the Church believes that Magic and Tech brought on the Cataclysm and will bring another.
  2. Ancient Monitoring Station: Ruins of an old orbital monitoring station. Some local techs have been able to rebuild some of the tech.  A few ancient satellites have been brought back online.  Over the past several years, they have watched the stars, mapped the orbital space around Valkana, and catalogued many of of the abandoned space stations left behind by their forefathers.
  3. Holy Ground: The Church of the Long Night sees the Ancient Monitoring as sacred ground and the techs have to hide their work or face the retribution of the Church.
  4. Impending doom: Recently, one particular tech discovered a new anomaly that drew his concern.  Studying it for days, it appeared as an object falling out of orbit over Valkana.  Not entirely sure what it was or how big, he continued studying it without telling anyone.  As it drew closer, he realized it was an massive pre-Cataclysm Saurian tech space station.  Checking the records , he learned that this particular station was a weapons platform armed with a huge array of bio-weapons that could jeopardize the planet.


PCs are approached by someone desperately in need of help.  A friend – tech (#2) – has been captured by the cult (#1) and threatens to sacrifice him if the others don’t leave their holy ground (#3).  The PCs are asked to rescue the tech.


Once the tech is rescued, he reveals the information about #4.  He says that the cult now knows the same information because they tortured it out of him.  They wish to let it happen and stop anyone that wants to prevent it.  The tech knows that the monitoring station is part of a network of stations, built prior to the Cataclysm to stop an event like the Cataclysm (obviously it failed).

One part of the network were massive particle cannons that could be used to destroy entering high orbit.  There several built but he knows only of one that survived the Cataclysm hidden in the Rift.  It is called Fort Fire Skull.


The PCs must

  1. Journey to the Fort based on directions given by Tech.  Face the dangers of the Rift mountains.
  2. Infiltrate the Fortress and fight off the various ancient perils they awaken within the fort.
  3. Attempt to bring the fort back online while under attack from the cult’s army.
  4. Align the system and program it to fire at the space station when it is in range.