Tombstones & Tumbleweeds

Tombstones & Tumbleweeds

From:  Game Werks

Reviewed by : Ron McClung

Tombstones & Tumbleweeds is a new Skirmish-Level 25mm Miniature Wargame  from Game Werks.

I liked the other Game Werks product I reviewed, New World Disorder (NWD), so I had high hopes going into Tombstones & Tumbleweeds (TnT).  Done by the same guy, I expected very little difference between the two, except in genre.  There are some similarities between the two games, but the author added a few things to add flavor to an old west style skirmish-shoot out game.  In much the same way, TnT is simple, easy to learn and character driven.  It also brings to the table a ‘strong genre flavor’ and atmosphere.

From website:

“Strap on your sixguns and saddle up for a ride into the wild West!”

Contents:  By the title, I am sure you can tell that the game is an old west genre game.  It contains nothing more than rules for small group shoot outs.  It has simple rules for character generation, character advancement and gaining experience, skills, character traits, building your gangs and scenarios, arming your gang and the rules for the shoot out.   There are also two scenarios included, titled Robbery and Jailbreak.  Weapons are in generic terms i.e. there is one Single Action Revolver, one Double Action Revolver and one Scattergun.  There are also special rules for horse-riding and shooting from a horse.

System:  The system, while similar to NWD, has some subtle differences.  The core basics are the same – six-side die (d6) roll, 1s are automatic failures, 6 means the player rolls again and adds that to the total (see NWD for more on that).  However, cards are introduced to determine initiative.  Each player draws a card each round and they, along with the Jokers, form a deck.  Jokers signify certain events that occur during the turn depending on the situation.  There are also some attribute differences.  The attributes for each character in TnT are Action Points, Fightin’, Shootin’, Muscle, Savvy, Reflexes and Guts.  Where NWD had three, TnT  has seven.

As in NWD, everything takes Action Points.  In this case, action points are a separate stat from the others (as opposed to the NWD system).  Players spend action points on tasks and actions.  From shootin’ to movin’, everything is translated in terms of action points for you.

There are 3 types of characters provided – gunslinger, scout and dude.  Character levels are represented by Titles.  There are five titles – Tenderfoot,  Greenhorn, Hombre, Boss and Legend.  Each level costs experience points and increases the character’s value for a gang.  You build a gang through Build Points.  Depending on how long you want to play, you can make the build points pretty much anything you want.

From page #3:

“Well, I reckon that’s enough chin music.  Now, skin that smoke wagon.”

In conclusion, this is just as good, if not better than NWD.  It has the elegance and simplicity that NWD does with a  few differences.  For those not into the cybetrpunk/urban gang fighting of NWD but want Old West shootouts, this is a good game.

For more details on Game Werks and their new Skirmish-Level 25mm Miniature Wargame  “Tombstones & Tumbleweeds” check them out at their website

Tombstones & Tumbleweeds

From: Game Werks

Type of Game: Skirmish-Level 25mm Miniature Wargame

Game Design by: Christopher Brackett

Developed by: Christopher Brackett

Number of Pages: 57

Game Components Included: One PDF Rule book, several pages of cut-out counters (other counter-PDF files available on the web site)

Retail Price: $ 6.95 (US)

Item Number: GWS-TNT1000


Reviewed by: Ron McClung