Physical Description

The Tor’Drani are thought to be descended from the same canine Child-Race as the Torani. They resemble more of a wolf or coyote, being humanoid mammalian with a tail. Physically, the only major difference between them and the Torani is coloration. Physiologically, they are only slightly different and can interbreed, if their social norms ever allowed it. However, because of the fierce rivalry and pride between them, it rarely, if ever, happens.

Tor’Drani Hunter Guild

Average Size: 1.65 m
Average Mass: 58 kg
Average Life-span: 195 yr.
Reproduction: Heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temp: 38 degrees C

Historical Details

The Tor’Drani are another race descended from the same Tetrarch Child-Race the Torani descended from. During the collapse of the J’Vaarian civilization, the Tor’Drani had developed much further than the Torani. While the J’Vaarian waged war with the Child Races, the early Tor’Drani saw the slow destruction of their society, and began to build large home fleets to transport themselves out of the region. During this time, the J’Vaara were slaughtering the Tor’Drani at every opportunity. The surviving Tor’Drani, fled the massacre, and they never returned to their homeworld, unlike the Torani. They became the nomad of space. As their brethren became planet bound, the Tor’Drani became interstellar nomads. Living on their home fleets, stopping in star systems for trade and resupply, the Tor’Drani became more and more unlike their brethren.

The Tor’Drani have a single representative on the Supreme Directorate, reluctantly. They prefer to stay out of the politics of the Dominion, however, because of their rivalry with the Torani, must have someone to ensure their rights. However, the Tor’Drani still detest politics.

By avoiding the conflicts of the J’Vaarian revolts and the subsequent Expansions and wars to follow, the Tor’Drani were able to develop with out too many major setbacks and catastrophes. This coupled with the fact that they explored unknown reaches of space, finding many lost technologies of the Ancients, has resulted in the Tor’Drani having access to advanced technology a step or two above modern standards. However, they are particularly protective of this, and they are not willing to reveal this knowledge. Whether out of fear or appeasement but despite their lack of want of political savvy and power, the Tor’Drani are one of the most influential races in the Dominion, second only to the Torani.


Except for an extended sense of smell, the Tor’Drani’s senses are the same as Human’s.

Speech and Languages

The Tor’Drani have the ability to speak Pan-Gal Common and J’Vaarian Basic, but also have some languages within their race.


This is the principal language of the Tor’Drani, the ship people.

Home Languages

Each fleet has a language with it’s own, that only those of the same fleet can understand.


The Tor’Drani believe in relaxation, and physical pleasure. They are strong hedonistic, and polygamous. They are very extravagant and eccentric and respect honor, quick wit, and a sense of humor. They are a very relaxed and pleasant race. They respect expression of ones’ inner self and uniqueness, and a good deal for “interesting items”.

The Tor’Drani have no problems with any of the races. They accept them as all equal, although some like the Skaniis or the K’Dasi do get on their nerves. They consider the Skaniis always uptight, and the K’Dasi as a pain. Of all the races in the F-R-D sector, the Humma are the most respected for their uniqueness compared to all the other Frontier races. The Humma is considered a brethren race

Most Tor’Drani are expert merchants and salesman, and most trust them for their word in that regard, unlike the Torani brethren. They have a strong belief in the free market. Travelling as they do, allows the access to many trade item, and everyone looks forward to the visit of the Tor’Drani home fleets.

Social structure and Standards

As said before, the Tor’Drani are nomads of the star lanes. They travel in immense home fleets- fleets of merchant and luxury liners that sometimes number in the hundreds. They trade to all their goods and services. When a Tor’Drani fleet arrives, it’s like a world wide carnival.

Home Fleet Determination

d100Home Fleet (Translation)Social RatingNotes
01 – 02Yisik Nias’Li (Nova Light)8Largest fleet, most technology. They are the most traditional and honorable Tor’Drani. Some suspect this group has access to Precursor or Tetrach technology.
03 – 04Shata’Ha (Flame Wind)8This home fleet split off from Deep Space when they went “exploring”. While they were away, Flame Wind gained power and influence. Flame Wind is extremely hedonistic, and laid back.
05 – 07Sha’a Nor (Comet Tail)6The most anti-Torani Home fleet of all Tor’Drani, they at times commit terrorists acts against the Torani. They are also the most militaristic.
08 – 10Korla’Bin (Black Hole)6This is a mysterious Home fleet. At one time in the Tor’Drani history, it was lost, only to return a generation later, and not long after that the Brethren War ended.
11 – 13Met’iya Arna (Soaring Moon)6This one of the last home fleets to have left the old colonies, hoping at some point to return to the J’Vaara system. They are the strongest advocates to re-integration with the Torani, but realize that the Torani want it even less than the other Tor’Drani.
14 – 17Orta’Tarago (Crater’s Depth)5This home fleet has a stronger work ethic than most, but they still make time to play. They tend to have more rare minerals to trade than most other home fleets; most are expert geologists and miners.
18 – 21Asira’Donja (Deep Space)5Most hedonistic of the Tor’Drani, life is a party to them. It is rumored that they have explored the furthest edges of the galaxy and know of many space routes in and out of these areas. They tend to be stronger in the astrogationeer sciences.
22 – 29Sadriem’Taral (Pulsar’s Flare)4For the longest time, this home fleet orbited a pulsar, hiding from the J’Vaarian probes and the Torani. They did not participate in the Brethren War. They have since lost the coordinates to the pulsar system, and seek to possess them again.
30 – 37Donjal Mon (Space’s Edge)4This home fleet is more physically stronger than most. They are usually 10% to 15% larger than the average Tor’Drani. Gladiatorial games are common with in this home fleet.
38 – 50Tomaran’Ak (Nebula’s Grace)4This home fleet hid in a nebula after the Tor’Drani evacuation of their colony worlds. It did not participate in the Brethren War, because of it’s small population at the time. They actually have established a few stationary outposts in and around the nebula, and are mining it for gas, and other materials.
51 – 62Ararin’Nam (Moon Crest)3A lesser, younger home fleet, it has only one home ship, and a handful of freighters. They are the most ambitious of the Tor’Drani to gain power, and there is a rumor they are dealing with certain factions within the Torani society.
63 – 74Tosh’man Or (Asteroid’s Majesty)2A young home fleet, this group of Tor’Drani built their home ship by hollowing out an asteroid.
74 – 86Anoro’Fen (Eye of the Gas Giant)1Young home ship fleet made up of several outcaste factions.

Social Factor: This number represents the Home Fleets standing in the Tor’Drani society. It is also the amount of points a Tor’Drani PC can add to his LDR and PER while in Tor’Drani society. With a Roll of 87 or more, the PC is either a member of a lower home fleet or a independent. A lower home fleet member receives no points towards LDR and the name of the home fleet is up to the GM or player. An independent is just that.

The Tor’Drani usually work their home-fleet name of the father or mother into the offsprings name.

Racial Abilities

Short Range Telepathy– The Tor’Drani can use their Telepathy in three ways: (1) To communicate with an intelligent being. (2) To read surface thoughts in an intelligent creatures mind. (3) To read the creatures memory of his past. Telepathy: Characters (Tor’Drani Short Range) Level [1d3]. They receive a +1 CS when using it with another Tor’Drani, otherwise they receive a -1 CS.

Fur Armor- The Tor’Drani have 5 points of natural armor (For Impact Type Damage Only) because of their fur.

Claws– The Tor’Drani have a +5 Points of Damage Modifier to their punching score when the PC specifies that he is going to scratch.