TORG to DC Conversion

TORG to DC Conversion


DC/Torg Conversions

Some people have been playing (like me) DC for years and are desperate to find new resources for Dark Conspiracy. They have played out all the beasties in the current sourcebooks, which are now re-released in the Referee’s Guide. Some can’t wait for DPI to put new ones out. Well, I have a few suggestions for sources of new material. Most of my sources come from a game called TORG, from West End Games, which itself was a dimensional invasion RPG, but not quite as subtle as DC. With a little tweaking, the creatures of Orrosh and Tharkold can be made subtle much like DC creatures. Below you will see the covers and a short summary of the books I have currently and used or plan to use as a source in DC.

The idea is to use these sources as inspiration, use the creatures directly in DC, and expand on an already rich universe. As time allows, I will convert items from these books into DC. The conversions will also be listed below.

They are especially handy if your players have never heard of these games.

orrosh1_ TORG
Orrosh, the Sourcebook for Horror Reality
The Creatures from this Sourcebook converted to DCThis will give the idea of what Orrosh was all about, and give you the perspective they took in order to convert the concepts. It also has several cool creatures, and a few adventure ideas that might fit into Dark Conspiracy. You can make the “Gaunt Man” a new Dark Lord, and the creatures he brings his minions.
orrosh_ TORG
Creatures of Orrosh
The Creatures from this Sourcebook converted to DC. New ideas for minions. This is a good sourcebook for beasties. I highly recommend this.

Concepts from Tharkold

[This work is unfinished]

There are several concepts in Tharkold that have to be defined in Dark Conspiracy (DC) terms, in order for all the creatures of Tharkold to work in DC. Most apply to cybernetics, the Grid and cyberdecking. Most familiar with the cyberpunk genre are familiar with some of this, but for easier transition into DC, I will explain them the way I see them fitting in DC.

The Grid – The Grid, the Matrix, the Net…. All terms that cover the same concept. It is a virtual world expanded from what we know as the Internet, where users can “jack” into or connect to and live out a virtual life while performing specific computer related tasks. The entire world is a cybernetic simulation fed directly into the users brain through connects the users has implanted in his head. Conceptually, this can exist to some degree in DC, but with minimal access to the everyday person. Corporations and Governments have access to the Grid as well as rich secret societies and those Dark Ones with the technology. The hub of the Grid in DC is based in the US, but it expands world wide from major mega-city to mega-city. Most nodes of access are located in mega-corporation complexes and some Mike homes, but the regular Prole does not have access. Wireless access is usually reserved to Nominclatura. One can access the Gird either through the standard visual way, which is more ccumbersome and time consuming, or through cyber-decking – connecting directly into it through jack implants.

Magic – The Magic of Tharkold translates to a more advanced and masterful manipulation of Empathic Power. Most Magic will be converted in some way to Empathic powers.

Domination – The power of Tharkold is the power of Domination, through fear, pain and terror. This, like Magic, translates into a more powerful Empathic understanding of Human Empathy and the realted Skills. From this, the Dark Lords of Tharkold draw their power, and Dark Earth is a new well to tap for this power.

. . .

tharkold1_ TORG
Tharkold: The Sourcebook for Techno-Horror
The Creatures from this Sourcebook converted to DCThis is my favorite of all the TORG worlds. A must. Has creatures, and equipment ideas.
tharkold_ TORG
Creatures of Tharkold
The Creatures from this Sourcebook converted to DCAWESOME beasty sourcebook. I can’t recommend this one enough. Spiders that weave mono-filament webs, flying spheres like the ones in the Phantasm movies, and Hellraiser cenobite-like Pain-Sculptors. Quite cool.
West End Games TORG Items: Check out their web site. West End Games, and order by phone.



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