Characters: Mu-Alpha Ceti-Epsilon, a Cell of Tower

Characters: Mu-Alpha Ceti-Epsilon, a Cell of Tower

These are the characters I use for the convention games.

Aliana Brinley

Aliana is a rogue Psychic who works with Dr. Larin. Raised on the streets, abandoned by drug-addict parents, she got her name off an online obituary. She lived off the grid for years, living off stolen chip tags found on abandoned bodies. Living in the megaplex of Rochester, New York made it easy as the mob kept the alleys littered with murder victims. She earned a good living for a while as a Schneider (Chip Scavenger).

Aliana learned of her abilities early on. It started with simple empathic impressions and grew to more. When she was a teen, she stumbled upon a Reich Gestapo officer who had been attacked in an alley, bleeding from a severe knife wound. She thought to wait until he was dead to steal his chip but something drove her to do something else – she healed his wound psychically enough for him to survive. In return, he rewarded her with enough money to living for a year. This is when Dr. Larin discovered her and took her in.

Finn “Troll” Thomsen was an escaped Moroccan dissident  when she first met him.  Dr. Larin was called to Colorado by the Tower to help help reconstruct the man’s considerable facial damage.  He was in a lot of pain and Aliana’s ability helped in the process but the unfortunately, the reconstruction was only mildly successful.

Home Location: Rochester, NY.

Chu Kwang Min

Skilled computer hacker and martial artist, Chu is of Japanese-Korean descent and of a family that has been accepted into the Japanese elite families. Chu betrayed his family to join the resistance. He saw the atrocities that the Japanese and the Reich were committing and could not just ignore it. He finally joined the resistance when he was told he could not marry his girlfriend because of her heritage. When he refused to obey the order, he found his girlfriend hanging from her ceiling fans. They said it was suicide but he knows better. Chu has connections to Imperial Elite as well as Imperial military (his brother). Since he has left his family, he has travelled all over Erde and Luna. He has underground contacts on Erde and Luna. Chu resides in the Atlanta megapolis.

Home Location: Atlanta megapolis.

Finn “Troll” Thomsen

Finn (formerly known as Faheem Safar) was a prisoner from a North African concentration camp, freed by the African Jihadist resistance in the area. In the battle, however, he was horribly wounded in the face. The resistance provided what medical help they could but the wound would require considerable facial surgery to restore any kind of semblance of humanity. Already displeased with the Jihadist movement and the radical ways, he was able to contact the Resistance in AAU and join them. They provided him passage to the Rocky Mountains where he settled in Denver, Colorado. While there, the resistance connected him up with a skilled doctor from upstate New York  – Dr. Salvadore Larin  – who travelled to Colorado with his rather attractive assistant Aliana. They provided some reconstructive help to his face but he is still badly scarred. During this time, he developed strong feelings for Aliana, although she only returned enough to indicate a strong friendship. Finn commonly wears a cloth head wrap to cover his face.

He is dark skinned male with obvious African lineage in his bloodline, which immediately puts him in the lesser levels of society. He found work however, working on the vehicle shops of the lower levels of Denver, as well as a specialty driver when the resistance needs him. In the shop, the call him Troll and he has learned to accept the nickname.

Home Location: Denver, Co

Sadie “Shadie” Hebert

Sadie is a pilot and street thief of questionable allegiances. She is well known to side with the highest bidder. However, for right now, the Resistance is paying pretty big for this job. She was born on Vestas asteroid on the PlanetenReichswerke (PRW) Herzfeld Mining Station, spent some time on the Reich Luna station, but moved back to Earth, living in the New Jersey Annex of the Philadelphia megapolis. She has strong connections with the Belt and Luna underground. She has no problem working with the Resistance because it helps keep the market of conflict going – which she constantly benefits from.

She has worked with Yannick Gruber before. His honor code on no-killing of Reich military personnel has caused issues in the past and Sadies has a hard time trusting him. He has betrayed the Reich, how soon will he betray the Resistance.

Location: Philadelphia megapolis

Dr. Salvadore “Sal” Larin

Sal grew up in the Argentina upper classes, among the Nazi sympathizers descendents during the war. Granted special position for their help in subverting the American resistance during their invasion, these families became known as the Western Cousins of the Reich.

Growing up a gifted physician and surgeon, Sal was recruited into Nazi medical facilities in South America. Initially, he was a simple doctor providing medical care.  His talents drew the upper echelon’s attention. Soon he found himself working on unconventional medical research. The money was good but the research was darkening his soul. When he began to refuse the work, they threatened his wife and kids. This drove him to contact the Brazil resistance. They were able to save his two youngest children, but his wife and teenage son were taken by the authorities. His younger children were taken in by a couple in Belize while he moved to upstate New York to hide.

The Tower covertly encouraged Sal to recruit a young girl living on the street, Aliana.  She turned out to be a very talented assistant, working together as a street trauma team for the Tower.   The Tower promised intel on his wife and son if he did this one job – go to Colorado and help reconstruct the face of an agent they just recruited by Morocco.  They needed him to be able to talk but did not say way.  His name is Faheem Safar, but Tower gave him a new identity, Finn Thomsen.  Tower delivered on the intel, but getting to Interamnia asteroid station is proving difficult.

Home Location: Rochester, NY

Yannick Gruber

Former AAU Nazi soldier, deserter, turncoat, Yannick lives in the megapolis of Minneapolis-St. Paul (domed city on the northern tundra of the AAU). Yannick maintains connections to the Nazi military in the AAU as well as the deserter underground, which is surprisingly significant. He made himself available to the resistance after his unit was sent to destroy what he was told was a resistance cell stronghold in an abandoned asteroid mine. What they were not told was they were abandoned slaves the corporation was not willing to transport on to the next project. He did not like the idea of mopping up a Reich corporation’s messes. Now, Yannick is a freelance mercenary that prefers work against anything associated with the Reich.

Yannick has worked with Sadie “Shade” Hebert and had a rocky relationship. Despite her looks, she is a feisty firecracker who has shifting loyalties.

Home Location: Minneapolis-St. Paul Domed Megapolis.