Transcribing Old SF Stuff

Transcribing Old SF Stuff

During a specific period of time, primarily during my college years, I was a pretty organized when writing an adventure.  I used the GDW/Traveller Method of BASICS/PUSH/PULL/GIMMICK/ENIGMA method and hand wrote many adventures.  I am in the process of transcribing many of these (with the help of my lovely and gracious wife).

First on the list was an adventure that was inspired by the Aliens Vs Predator comics that came out in the 90s.  They had an awesome map of a ranching colony that I knew I had to use for something.  This was born The Citdel &  The Evolved.  This lead to some more content on my Evolved Mechanons & Morad page.

I hope someone finds it inspiring.  I may revisit this adventure in some way.

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