Tunnel Hounds

Tunnel Hounds



 Tunnel Hounds Medium Beast
Abilities (Focuses)
2 Accuracy (Bite)
0 Communication
3 Constitution (Running)
2 Dexterity (Stealth)
2 Fighting (Claw)
1 Intelligence
2 Perception (Smelling, Tracking)
5 Strength (Jumping, Tunneling)
2 Willpower
Speed Health Defense Armor Rating
16 60 12 2
Weapon Attack Roll Damage Range
Bite +4 1d6+5 Touch
Claw +4 1d6+5 Touch
Special Qualities
Favored Stunts: Pack Tactics, Skirmish, Tunnel (4 sp)
Dark Sight: Tunnel Hounds can see in darkness up to 20 yards without a light source.
Pack Tactics (2 SP):When part of a group, a Tunnel Hounds can allows another dire wolf adjacent to the same target to make an immediate attack as a free action. Limit one of these free attacks per round.
Tunnel (4 sp): A  Tunnel Hounds, if on soft enough ground (not solid rock) can tunnel downward and reappear 2d6 yards (GM’s direction of choice) and attack once.  This effective negates the effect of Guard Up, Defensive and Prepare action.
Tough: A  Tunnel Hounds carapace gives it a natural Armor Rating of 2.
Threat Level: Minor

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