TV/Movies that Inspired Me

TV/Movies that Inspired Me

Alien series


Alien and Aliens both are my top favorite movies.  At one time, I might have said Star Wars but since that universe has been watered down, Alien/Aliens has always been consistently stayed up there for me.  Yea, that universe has been corrupted by Aliens3 and Aliens Resurrection, as well as the terrible AvP movies, but in essence, the universe has stayed relatively intact despite some terrible sequels.

Bottom line, I love monsters.  The Alien is the ultimate monster.  I love the evolution of the creature and even with Prometheus, it has grown to something even more interesting.  I also love sci-fi horror.  I watch almost every awful copycat movie that was like this, and enjoyed them for what they were.

Predator series


Predator is another monster but diametrically different from the Alien.  Tech heavy and single minded in its goal, they have taken hunting to a new level.

Hellraiser series


Admittedly, this appeals to a much darker side of me that as I have gotten older has faded some.  With kids now, I have to admit that I have soften since the days that I read the books and watched these movies with wonder.  I even bought the McFarland Tortured Souls figures because they fascinated me.

What fascinates me about them is the demonic aspect to them; the embodiment of Hell and the torture of Hell that they represent.  “Your suffering will be legendary”… great line.  Supernaturally opening up a doorway to allow demons like that into our world is inspiring to me.  I enjoyed every movie up until Bloodline.  After that, they movies went downhill fast!

Resident Evil series


Never a fan of the computer game (just never played it), I got into this world watching the first film.  Of course, I loved zombies and bio-engineered zombies are even better.  Some of the creatures as well as the plots of these movies are very much in the style I like to run games.

Babylon 5


I can not say enough about this series.  Ask me any time, and this is my top favorite show.  Not everyone got into it but the overall story arch is phenomenal.  Ancient Alien story lines get me every time.

Stargate SG-1

In much the same way as Babylon 5 inspired me, SG-1 did too.  Excellent show and fun to watch.  I was highly invested in this show.

Species series

Some would say that this series is the perfect movie for me – “tits, tentacles and stomachs exploding” is what some of my friends said.  Although that is not quite it, I did like the amorphous nature of this alien.  Unlike the Alien (from Alien/Aliens), you never know what you are going to get from this creature. Sometimes tentacles, sometimes claws, sometimes a little of both.  Another HR Gieger creature, this could easily be worked into the Aliens world, considering the path being taken with Prometheus.


An obscure movie that I loved.  Nazi zombies created by occult tech in a forgotten bunker.  There are so many facets of this movie that was ignored by the sequel.  I loved this movie a lot and highly recommend it.

Wes Craven’s They

Yet another obscure movie that few remember, there was something about this that inspired me.  Shadow elementals and Shadow dimensions.

Silent Hill

First I saw the first movie.  Then I bought the first game and played it (which I do not do very often).  This scared me to the bone.  Very cool concept with depth, rooted in a real world place.  Good stuff.

The Mist

Although the ending just about ruined the movie for me, the overall concept was cool.  I loved all the various creatures in this one and the invasion from another dimension.  The creatures were all right up my alley and looked very similar to some of the things I like to bring into my games.