Unorthodox Sorcerers

Unorthodox Sorcerers

From: The Le Games

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Unorthodox Sorcerers is a new d20 Class Supplement from The Le Games.

The Unorthodox series has always intrigued me. The few I have reviewed seem to always have a nugget of interesting interpretation of what we thought were tried and true classes.

From page # 2: “This is The Le (pronounced Tay Lee), and I am happy to say that Unorthodox Sorcerers is one of the best books in the entire Unorthodox series.”

Unorthodox Sorcerers is a sourcebook PDF that contains what the title implies – resources for a player to create a very unorthodox sorcerer in a d20 fantasy setting. After a short introduction, short stories called Playing God and The Farm Boy (which I am sure are all inspiring, but I tend to not read the fluff) and a smattering of Larry Elmore’s clipart, the author dives into alternate base classes. There are 5 alternate base classes – Numeromantic Sorcerer, Occult Detective, The Suppresser, Immanent Heresiarch, and Followers of the Sixfold Septateuch – as well as one prestige class – Pyramid Mage.

Comparing the classes with the SRD base class Sorcerer for each of the classes, many of them have class abilities where the standard sorcerer does not. Many of the classes throw out the familiar (but the author leaves the option for the GM to decide to let the player have one anyway), and some limit the type of spells the sorcerer can use. For example, the Numeromantic Sorcerer can only use spells that have a somatic component, because they can use numbers instead of words. Many others are similar in that they do not change the spell progression significantly and just add class abilities to the sorcerer. The last base class variant actually does not add class abilities but instead tie certain abilities to spells when and if the sorcerer learns them. The Pyramid Mages are sorcerers that tap power from pyramids and this prestige class has a 10 level with abilities focusing on that concept.

Also included are 12 new sorcerer spells including Share the Round, Improved Switch Target, Ball of Stone, Summon Snow Man, and Know Alternate Future. I am not a good judge of spells, but many of them sound fairly interesting.

The Baubles and Urus of Ancient Power is the item section. It introduces the concept of Baubles and Urus. They are items “of Ancient Power” – a set of small gem-like stones that contain embedded powers. The difference between a bauble and a urus is color, basically, and they are both relatively limited in power. There are 13 total items and some of the urus actually have bauble synergy notes, denoting they work together.

From page # 3: “Sorcerers are the quintessential magic-users: with a head full of knowledge and a desire to roam the world and sample its delights, Sorcerers are to be found wherever there is power to be had and experiences to savor.”

The Appendices include the following:

  • Appendix A: Alt Progression Chart – This, in my opinion, just about saves this PDF because my concern throughout reading the classes was balance. This balances them.
  • Appendix B: Core Sorcerer Class and Appendix C: Familiars – This is the SRD text reprinted.
  • Appendix D: Arcane Spells and Armor – These are simply notes on what the title implies.
  • Appendix E: Spell Descriptions and Appendix F: Sorcerer Spell List – From the text – “This appendix lists definitions of spells that the Unorthodox Sorcerers in this book gains. This is not a definitive list of spells that a traditional Sorcerer can cast. Rather, it is here so that you, the reader, can consult this list when reading about the Unorthodox Sorcerers.”

In conclusion, once again The Le Games has delved into the world of unorthodox successfully (a sorcerer that fights the existence of gods…very interesting). I am not entirely sure how many people actually use these types of classes because I would imagine it is simply hard to keep consistency with all that is out there (and there is considerably less than there was a year ago). If used, my concern is balance. It does supply an alternate spell progression chart, which I would recommend using with the alternate sorcerers with class abilities. Overall, it is well thought out and imaginative. I am always open to alternatives to the traditional classes.

For more details on The Le Games and their new d20 Class Supplement “Unorthodox Sorcerers” check them out at their website

Unorthodox Sorcerers

From: The Le Games

Type of Game: d20 Class Supplement

Writers: Martin Jenner, Melinda Moore , John Walsh, Tony DiGerolamo

Cover Art: Carrie Hall

Editors: Mithran, Wayne Tonjes

Additional Art by: Fantasy Heroes (Mongoose Publishing, Arcane Publishers Edition (VShane), Image Portfolio: Anthology (Louis Porter Jr. Design, Character Clip Art & Color Customization Studio, Octavirate Entertainment, Sacrosanct Games, Elmore Productions, Inc.; Authors Larry Elmore and Ken Whitman, Art and Illustrations by Larry Elmore, Samuel Araya taken from World of Ronin Arts: character Portfolio Four. All Used with permission.

Number of Pages: 99

Game Components Included: Several ODFs from High res to Printer friendly

Game Components Not Included: d20 Core rule books

Retail Price: $ 8.95(US)


Reviewed by: Ron McClung