Vasty Moses

Vasty Moses

Species: Corpulent

Type: Near-human terrestrial mutated creature

Origin: Swiss Alps


Documented Notes

Vasty’s species called the Corpulent were discovered by a human explorer and his wife in the Swiss Alps in the early years of Swiss mountain exploration. At the time, they were a peace, non-aggressive species, hidden in the peaks of the cold Alps. However, in fear of these creatures, the explorer, with some help, lead a crusade to destroy these “malformed abominations”. The explorer’s wife, grief stricken by her husband’s actions, took pity on the Corpulents, and gave herself to one of the last surviving warriors. Discovering them, the husband killed the warrior, while she fled. She later died giving birth to Vasty Moses.

For a long time, Vasty traveled with freak shows and circuses until he found Midian.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Corpulents are probably related to humans through some branch of the evolutionary tree, but by some strange circumstances lost to time, their bodies were twisted to one that was not dissimilar to Vasty Mose’s own form. It isn’t clear what in evolution would cause this kind of form, or how they would survive, but somehow they had for millennia.

It is assumed that based on the fact that Vasty is half human, that he is not entirely representative of the Corpulent species, and is actual somewhat mutated. True Corpulent would have to have more practical manipulators (hands), and perhaps longer arms. Perhaps they had at one time, elasticity ability in their arms. They also probab ly had strong Telekinesis powers.

Corpulents were a highly evolved creature of mammoth strength and stealth. They easily hid the rocks and snows dunes of the mountains, observing and protecting their land. Their bodies not only kept them warm, but also were able to take a great deal of punishment. One of the Corpulent’s favorite attacks were to roll down a steep him, causing a avalanche on their enemies.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Cold Resistance, Limited Elasticity in the arms, Omnivorous. Great feats of strength and stealth. Does not show up on infrared scanning. Thick leathery skin acting as a tough armor against Melee weapons..

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Strong Telekinesis – Damage and skill are representative of the Telekinesis attacks.


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