Visitor (Siriusian) Home System

Visitor (Siriusian) Home System

Sirius Galactic Realm System: Sirius (Visitors/Siriusians Homeworld)

Stars: Yellow Binary

Government: Visitor High Leader, Kremlon Monarch

Life forms: Visitors/Siriusians, Kremlon, Tigotonian

Planets: 13

(1) Lom’run

Lom’run Flag

Colonized: Visitors

Function: Mining

Population: Small Outpost

Government: Communist

Moons: 0

Gravity: 0.705

Notes: Largest Illyrion deposits known.

Fleet: 3 defensive task forces, 3 escort destroyers, 5 standard motherships, 2 space stations

(2) Delialt

Delialt Flag

Colonized: Visitors

Function: Military Training

Government: Communist

Population: Military

Diameter: 11,562

Days: 48 hours

Gravity: 0.958

Moons: 3

Mon’tigrian (smallest) – forest moon, habitable. Outpost.

For’sitque – rendered lifeless during the Great Tragedy.

Rumtrod – mothership construction facility. Planet is nearly fully encased in construction facilities. It can build up to 20 motherships at one time.

Major Cities: Que’quech, Royatlon*, Relmfor, For’loriv, Triquia, Col’run, Desstar, Lorn’riqutere, Rumon, Nou Yoro, Rumon’que

Notes: Very hot and humind planet. There are no polar ice caps. The planet is mostly jungle and swamp. Small bodies of deep ocean, some say there were craters from a powerful meteor shower. They are as deep as 20 to 30 km below sea level. Since the Great Tragedy, the waters have been poisoned and must be filtered to drink.

Fleet: 20 Standard motherships, 15 destroyers, 2 fleet task forces, 3 defensive task forces

(3) Doomoronwor


Function: Visitor homeworld, major military planet, capital world

Population: Military State

Government: Communist

Diameter: 10,036

Days: 31 hours

Gravity: 1.09

Moons: 4

Greysky Light – Mothership constructions facility. Up to 20 mothership capacity.

Death’s End – Once a great Visitor providence, destroyed during the Great Tragedy. No one has visited since then, but some suspect survivors living in the mountains of the radiation covered world.

Star Life – : Large Defensive base on the crater filled surface. Ruins of a once great civilization were found here. Some of the best Visitors Space Marines are stationed here. Fleet: 10 standard motherships, 3 destroyers, 4 escort destroyers, 4 defensive task forces.

Light Fire – Large Defensive base and where the fleet primarily is stationed. Fleet: 5 standard motherships, 3 destroyers, 4 defensive task forces.

Continents: 6 (Aitrique’zom, Souilon Rim, Notrof Litar, Triminique, Orieque’de, Asientique)

Major Cities: Scaleshine, Scalegleam, Fanglore, Clawscar, Frightlord, Fanglord, Dragonhead, Flametrek, Tailspike, Headspike, FlailingTail Lord, Castle Dark Scale, Castle Blood Red, Castle Black Spike, Castle Horn Lore, City Blood Claw *, City Blue Water, City Black Heart, City Death Rain.

Planet Defenses: 1 Standard Mothership per major city. 3 destroyers at the capital.

Notes: Since the Great Tragedy, the planet has been having environmental problems. As a whole, however, the Great Tragedy has been forgotten physically. The radiation is fone and the planet has been revitalized.

(4) Kariania

Kariania Flag

Function: Kremlon homeworld, major military planet

Population: Kremlon, Tigotonians

Government: Facist State

Diameter: 4,060

Days: 28 hours

Gravity: 0.08

Moons: 2

{Kremlodon – Kremlon defense outpost}

{Togot – Togotonian Defense outpost}

Major Cities/Ports: Port Goroon, Port Manrum, Port Halm, Port Jagaron, Port Helmor, Port Pelram, Port Balmiton, Port Nagartron, Port Argat, Port Minromor

Notes: The planet and race was once thought to be dead after the Great Tragedy. However, when the Kremlon re-surfaced, they built the great metal shell covering more than half the world. They dug deep into the mantle of their world to create a matrix of underground cites, connected to the surface of the shell by ports. The Kremlon are now a large power in the system again and now ally themselves with their once enemy, the Visitors as wella s the Tigotonians to dominate the galaxy.

(5) Tigotoron


Function: Tigotorian homeworld, major industrial and mining planet

Population: Tigotonians

Government: Monarchy state

Diameter: 8,948

Days: 52 hours

Gravity: 1.93

Moons: (1)

Major Cities/Ports: Ticra, Z’ta, Rig’Ta, Mic’Ca, Tig’Mi, Ric’Ti, Ficque Ru*, Thitique, Hit’que, Ciqu’oo

Notes: The planet atmosphere has almost no oxygen and is primarily dominated by methane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydro sulfuric crystals and some sulfuric acid clouds. The surface is covered with sulfuric acid pools, hydrogen geysers, large mountain rangers, frozen carbon dioxide. The surface temperature is very low.

The single moon was destroyed during the Great Tragedy. All that is left is a debris ring around the planet.

(6) Frigia (Gas Giant)

Function: None (Moons colonized)

Population: (see Moons)

Government: (see Moons)

Diameter: 130,567

Days: 38 hours

Gravity: 3.01

Moons: 8

Avenging Star

No atmosphere; Grav: 0.1787; Population: Visitors; Diameter: 3,474. Function: Visitor Defense base. Fleet: 15 Standard motherships, 5 escort destroyers, 8 destroyers.

Avenging Star

Knight Star

No atmosphere; Grav: 0.1667; Diameter: 5,674; Population: Visitors; Function: Visitor Defense base. Fleet: 4 Standard motherships, 3 destroyers.

Knight Star

Cloud Ruler

Some atmosphere; Grav: 0.856; Diameter: 4,638; Population: Free Alliance of Kremlon; Function: Recreation Facility.

Cloud Ruler

Death’s End II

Rendered unlivable during the Great Tragedy


Mothership construction factify.

Dredwor I, II, III

Small deposits of Illyrion. All small captured asteroids. Visitor Mining Facilities. Fleet: 3 standard motherships, 5 star disruptors, 2 destroyers (to each moon)

(7) Rocdred


Function: Dead world

Population: None

Government: None

Diameter: varies

Once a great colony world to the visitors, this was the largest casualties of the Great Tragedy. It is considered a war memorial to the Great Tragedy. Wreckage from the war still orbit where they were destroyed.

(8) Warroque (Gas Giant)

Function: (see moons)

Population: (see moons)

Government: (see moons)

Diameter: 140,743

Gravity: 4.63

Moons: 2

Sword Arm Function: Visitor Defensive Base; Population: VisitorFlame’s End – Dead moon, casualty of the Great Tragedy.

Sword Arm

(9) Frozdred (Gas Giant)

Diameter: 34,633

Gravity: 3.94

Moons: 2

Dragon Wing

Mothership Construction facility.


Large Defensive Base. Largest in the system. Monitors the remote robotic system watch satellites placed on Arpitron, Rapitigron, and Platron.

(10) Worfrend


Function: Visitor Mining Facility

Population: Visitors

Givernment: Communist

Diameter: 8,647 km

Gravity: 0.164

Moons: 15 small asteroids

Major Cities/Ports: Adrak, Drakon, Flyrom, Sicrull, Pralong, Quelon, Felston, Fort Wor*, Batttri

Notes: The planet is also a large Illyrion deposit

Fleet: 4 defense task forces, 1 fleet task force, 10 standard motherships, 8 escort destroyers, 4 destroyers, 5 disruptors

(11) Platron (Frozen rock world)

Function: Robotic Observation post

Diameter: 2,564 km

Gravity: 0.094

Moons: 4

(12) Arpitron (Frozen rock world)

Function: Robotic Observation post

Diameter: 8,943

Gravity: 0.649

Moons: 5

(13) Rapitron (Gas Giant)

Function: Robotic Observation post

Diameter: 110,111

Gravity: 2.694

Moons: 9

System: Living Realm

Stars: Yellow Green (Yalgant)

Life forms: Visitors/Siriusians

Planets 12

(3) World’s End

Function: Visitor Colony, major military planet

Population: Military State


Diameter 15,734 km

Heavily urbanized world. Mutiple ship contruction stations in orbit.

Fleet: 2 Destoyers, 4 Escort Destroyes, 5 Standard motherships.  2 task force fleets

Capitol: City R’Lon Ma

Moons 3


Mothership Contruction, 50 Motherships capacityT’lent – smaller moon then Planetlore.  Mining operation.


Smaller then T’lent. Observation post

(4) Firestrong

Function Visitor Colony, major military planetPopulation:Military State


Diameter 11,272 km

Firestrong is a large Visitor military installation.  Harsh low-oxygen atmosphere, all attempts to terraform have failed.

Fleet 4 Escort destroyers, 4 disruptors, 2 destroyers, 2 fleet tasks forces, 3 defense task forces.

Moons 2


Defense basedRemtooth – Small mining moon


Gastlor (gas giant)

Moons: 7

R’Olam I – Mining Moon

R’Olam II –Mining Moon

Crom – Dead world

For’ret I – Monitoring Base, 2 defensive task forces

Romoloqu – Mothership construction, capacity 35.

For’ret II – Defensive base, 1 defensive task force, 2 fleet task forces

System: Realm Lost

Stars: Frontlight

Life forms:Visitors/Siriusians

(5) Argant

Function: Visitor Colony, major military planet, shipyards and construction centerPopulation: Military State

Government: Communist

Diameter: 11,671 km

Space Stations 2 (Fleets: 4 fleet task forces, 5 defenses task forces, 8 standard motherships, 4 escort destroyers, 3 destroyers)

Moons: 2

Tiliarmon – mothership construction center.

Larjiton – Defense base (Fleets: 5 defensive task forces)

(7) Coroli

Monitoring Base.Fleets 4 defensive task forces

(8) Pror Litoni

Monitoring Base.Fleets 2 defensive task forces, 1 Standard Mothership

System: Zarnola

Stars: Yellow (Quasatora)

Government: Military State

Life forms: Visitors/Siriusians, Zarnolian

(3) Zarnolia

Function: Zarnolian homeworld

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