VJorn, Half-dwarf/Half-saurian Mage Tech

VJorn, Half-dwarf/Half-saurian Mage Tech

Artesiris base was an old station built before the Cataclysm by Saurian engineers during the height of the technological growth.  They also built series of Teleportation Transit Gates (TTG) that connected the planet with the station.  For centuries after the Cataclysm, the planet side TTG remained hidden in underground ruins, until it was found by pre-Chaos War explorers.

Relatively simultaneously, a gate was discovered by two groups of explorers – one Dwarven and one Saurian.  Both lay claim to it in the name of their individual tribes and out of this grew armed conflict.  A small underground war waged over the ownership of the artifact before anyone knew what it was.  While it waged, dwarven and saurian scholars studied it separately and eventually began to work together in secret.  These scientists, tired of the incessant squabbling of their leaders, blatantly defied their people’s decree of war in order to learn the nature of the artifact.

This act was a first in many to finally end the war over the artifact and bring the two tribes together in peace.  They soon learned that it was a gate, badly damaged since the Cataclysm.  The dwarven and saurian scholars used magic to repair the device, and found the other end on the ancient space station Artesiris.   Together, the two tribes worked together to take advantage of the station and the treasures it held within.  The eventually built a small citadel around the gate and with technology enhanced with their magic from the station, fortified it considerably.

As the Chaos Wars began to brew, more and more of these two tribes (now one) teleported to the station to make it their new permanent home.  Among these were Vjorn’s ancestors.  Vjorn was born at a time when the dwarven and saurian scholars were exploring ways that saurian and dwarves could reproduce together.  Using technology found on the station, the scholars genetically manipulated generation after generation which lead to a wide variety of racial mixtures.  Vjorn’s parents were a set of those mixtures, which explains her dwarven-saurian mixed heritage.

Her subspecies is sometimes derogatorily referred to as Kobolds but most of her kind resent that reference.  She was raised by her saurian mother, who was an avid artist on station.  She was one of many genetically modified mates to a powerful dwarven noble mage.  However, during a particular dark time, racial mixing was seen as blasphemy.  During VJorn’s early childhood, the station secret police, by the authority of a new radical leader of the station known as Gornaglir Giantspine, raided her father’s home and imprisoned everyone to a labor camp on one of the lower levels.  During this tyrant’s rule, racial mixing was outlawed and he proceeded to “cleanse” it of all genetically modified citizens.

Fleeing the wrath of Giantspine, Vjorn and her mother fled to the TGG and returned to planetside to find the Chaos Wars long over and peace had befallen the world once again.  They made their way to the nearly citystate – Nestora – where Vjorn spent the rest of her Adolescence until joining the party.


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  1. Something odd about those batteries – One thing you spotted while browsing through the treasure trove of artifacts in the underground facility of the Draconum mage are a crate of brand new batteries. It was hard to tell what kind of batteries they were as they were unlabelled. The container on a sign set of initials on them with no logo. The initials were SM.

    The reason the batteries seemed interesting was that they were all dead , but appeared to be brand new.


    Ba’Vek recruited Vjorn help’s examining the Orb from time to time. From a scientific point of view, it seems to have the potential of considerable power but some kind of magic is keeping that power dormant. Until then, it draws from ambient magical power from the outside to accomplish tasks like the drawing of the partial map. Vjorn can see that it has multiple functions but has yet to truly decipher exactly what they are.

    These functions do seem to all serve one purpose – to pass on a message. But to who? What kind of message? A message of warning? Or a message of hope?

    Deeper analysis reveals the energy field dormant within shared similar properties to that of the gate energies used by Vjorn’s people to teleport back and forth from their space station home. But they are slightly different, as well. Vjorn suspects something is inside the Orb and is contained in some kind of field.

    Gurlock showed consider interest in the Orb. He opened up his library and workshops to both Ba’Vek and VJorn. While Ba’Vek spent most of his time in the library, Vjorn spent a lot of time in the workshop. Occasionally it is used by labor bots and craftsman that work for the brewery, but for the most part, Vjorn has the shop to herself. She befriend several of the label bots, helped repair a few bots that seemed to have been laying in storage waiting for someone to work on them, and improved some systems on the functional bots when they were on recharge.

    Vjorn found spare parts everywhere, and eventually was able to assemble a companion. She named him {YOU MAY NAME HIM YOURSELF}

    (Stats and actual functionality GM’s discretion)

  3. Looking to the Stars

    Gorlock also had an amazing observatory that he says was built by an elf that previously owned the brewery prior to the Chaos Wars. Vjorn often used to observatory to look for Artesiris. After several tries and a little help from Ba’Vek and Gorlock’s library, they found it. She learned to predict its orbit and during the past month, Vjorn was able to observe it over a 3 day period.

    Artesiris was only a vague memory to Vjorn, tales told by her parents in the small settlement the refugees established after escaping the tyranny of Giantspine. To see it from the observatory made it seem smaller than she imagined. For the first time, the urge to return to the her family home began to simmer in her heart. As the electronic telescope displayed the enhanced image of the old station, it looked more like home than she ever imagined.

    What VJorn was told was that her people, in order to escape the Chaos War used a gate to transit to the station. No one ever spoke of any other means of transportation to and from the station. For the longest while, her mother admitted that all she knew of was the station and believed that was all life was – living in a great steal and ceramic shell. The overlords that ruled the station until the Giantspine revolution kept the people safe and satisfied. Everyone had their job – engineering, hydroponics, recycling, and others. Water and food was plenty thanks to mages and agriculturalists onboard.

    But as Vjorn got older and felt the wanderlust of adventure, she felt there was something her mother was not telling her.

    On the third day, as she watched the station arche towards the horizon, she saw something that surprised her. It look like a speck at first but with the advanced imaging of the observatory (which she helped repair and enhance) she could see more. It looked like a ship leaving the station. Her mother never mentioned anyone leaving by any kind of vessel. More concerning was the dot navigated directly towards the city-state of Nestora, just a few miles away.

  4. One of the things that Vjorn has known about Nestora is one of its best kept secrets. Deep under the city of Nestora is the ruins of a pre-Chaos War city. Deep below he city sewers is an ancient city with ancient secrets. Vjorn knows a few ways to enter and has explored part of it.