Wanted Part 1: Dawn On Dwindlelight

Wanted Part 1: Dawn On Dwindlelight

She sat in the far reaches of the galaxy, on a remote world, in the western forest of the northeastern continent, alone and scared. The evening wind ran through her once-beautiful/now-soiled blond hair, it waving in the air like yellow flame from a raging solar flare. They called this world Dwindelight, because for some reason, the star had a strange flickering property like none-other. At certain times of the year, the sun appears as if it was a dwindling candle, flickering rapidly, then returning to its original state.Maronim Galactic Researchers had an automated research station in orbit, which she had just come from.Yet, another grungy job, in a line of odds-and-ends jobs, while she ran from whatever wanted her dead. In all her travels, all her hitching rides on dilapidated freighters, stowing away on space-liners, and a series of other horrid and unspeakable things she had to do to stay on the run, she escaped death many times… too many to count. Others, however, weren’t so lucky. Sometimes they were simply victims in the way of a stray blast while others got too close to her, became victims of circumstance. She shed a tear at those memories. Some people just wouldn’t turn away, no matter how hard she pushed.

For every tree in this forest, she could come up with a face or a name of a bounty hunter or assassin that has tried to kill or take her.

She only knew that she was different. But she never shared just how different to anyone, and that still is not enough to put this much effort into killing her.

She raised her hand and extended her index finger. It flared with fiery light. She wrote her name in the night air with that light: Diara Lynwyn Lightwind. It hung in midair for several minutes like a neon sign of old Earth, before she waved it away.

Diara looked at her hands, dirty with the grease of a hard laborer; her clothing that of a remote systems service person – and grimaced. Too think, she was a noblewoman at one time. She thought of all the other disguises she had worn, and the skills she had to learn in a short amount of time. Her special talents didn’t seem so special then. From an evening gown at a royal gala, to a stolen police uniform, to a male Corvanian’s Envi-Suit, to as far as Full-combat powered armor on a mercenary ship. Now she wore the coveralls of a deep space technician. At least she had a ship. She looked through the trees in the direction she came, where she had landed her small one-man repair-vessel. She couldn’t see it because it was still at least 4 kilometers away, but she knew it was there, safe and sound. It was no bigger than a shuttle, but it got her from jump-point A to jump-point B. And as long as B is further away from the Core, she had no problems.

Diara stopped crying and wondering why years ago. At least she thought she had. She wiped away a tear. She was a tired 28 Standard year old woman, tired of running, tired of not having a normal life again. She began to cry again…

“SEVEN YEARS!!!!” She screamed.

The sorrow turned to fury quickly, which welled up something deep inside her, something powerful and uncontrollable. Diara closed her eyes, and all she heard was a thunderous clap. When she reopened her eyes, there was nothing around here but scorched ground … for a three-kilometer radius.

Damn, I knew that would happen…. She thought. She was glad she parked her ship far enough away, this time. Why me?

She had heard the authorities sometimes hunted down the people with Psi abilities, because of what they can do, but she had never heard of anything like what she could do. Across the galaxy, the most she heard was a person could move a pen across a table, or
start a small fire. But nothing like what she can do. With all the technology they have in the galaxy – matter transference, terra-forming reactors, sentient machines, and hundreds upon thousands of ways to kill one another – she had not heard of anything being able to do what she can.

Something flickered in the smoke and the darkness of the night. Cloak Field. She reached for her tool bag where she kept her Blaster Pistol. How did they find me this time?

“You shouldn’t leave such an easy trail, Lady Lightwind?” came a voice.

The Cloak field dropped to reveal an armored figure walking towards her through the flame and smoke. It lifted from the ground, obviously using an Anti-G belt, and produced and assault rifle. The figure drew closer, in clear view. There was no place to hide, thanks to her fit, so she knew he could see her plainly.

This was where some wavered.

She watched as his rifle dropped ever so slightly. He too found her irresistibly attractive. Yet another part of her power, a power she didn’t understand.

The figure, obviously male, and human, tried to stay strong, “You are a threat to someone very important.” Another waver. “I am here…. to kill you.”

Diara stared into his faceplate intently, seeing beyond it, seeing his face – a blond young human male, probably younger than her. He was weak, and very easily manipulated.

“Who wants me dead? Who wants you to kills me?” She said as she stood up. The commanding voice was yet another power of hers. But something was resisting her.

Diara could not count the amount of times she asked the question, or the amount of times she felt the same resistance every time she asked it. But this time, she hoped she was far enough away from the source that perhaps she could make this one crack.

The resistance was strong, but not as strong as the ones in the past. The weapon dropped even further as he felt his mind being probed.

“I… can’t tell you, that, pretty lady…” blood started to drip from the boys nose, behind his mask. The resistance wavered at that moment. She lashed out with her power, and suddenly the rifle was gone.

It was weaker this time.

The bounty hunter grabbed for his pistol, “Oh no you don’t, bitch…”

KILL HER!!… She heard with in his mind. An unfamiliar voice, one that had similar powers to hers. Who was he?

“You don’t want to die, do you?” she said to the boy. “Look around you, you think you can kill me?”

He could only stutter, and step back, pistol wavering in his hand as he felt the power of others surging through him. “No… I can’t…. You must die….”

“I feel doubt in you, strong doubt.”

KILL HER!!! … the voice again.

“But she is so beauti… aaaaaaaahhhh” With a blood-curdling scream, the boy grabbed his helmet, and soon fell limp to the ground.

“So that’s how it ends now?! Your power is not strong enough to control your minions out here, so you kill them?! Show yourself!!” Her voice boomed like thunder, boosted by her powers.

The bounty hunter lurched one more time, and rolled over. Maybe this one had a clue somewhere. He looked over-confident, perhaps to the point of ignorance. Diara began to strip his clothing, and search his body. She looked at the armor, and saw that it was just her size. She smiled. He must have a ship nearby.

On the horizon, she could see the flicker of the morning light… Well, at least I got to see it.