Chemical Slugthrowers d6

Chemical Slugthrowers d6

Skill:  Firearm

Chemical Slugthrowers
Weapon Type Type Fire Rate Damage Range S/M/L Ammo Price Ammo Price
Brodie Fang S2 Hold Out 1s 3D+1 3-10/25/50 5 333 7
Brodie Derringer Hold Out 3 4D+1 3-10/20/30 3 233 1
Brodie Vengeance Hold Out 4D+1 3-10/50/75 10 267 7
Furtherman T25 Pistol 1s 4D 3-15/30/50 25 309 8
Furtherman Dracon SMG Urban Env. 5D 3-15/25/50 30 514 43
Kalag MP31 Urban Env. 5D+1 3-25/100/150 30×2 600 26
WolfArms GP1 Assault Rifle 5D+1/4D+2 3-15/ 50/ 150 60 540 9
Furtherman HA Rifle Assault Rifle 7D 3-15/50/100 40 450 24
Furtherman LHR Hunting Rifle 1 5D+2 3-15/50/100 25 312 5
Gurtman X4 Shotgun Rifle 1s/9fa 5D 3-10/25/50 18/50 * 420 12/30 *

* – The damage value for the Gurtman is both for the HE and the regular rounds, but the ranges are different. When using the HE rounds, change the range to 3-10/50/150.

Slugthrower tech arose a few centuries before Pulse tech.   Basically, a small amount of combustible material is introduced into an enclosed chamber. The material is ignited and it forces a bullet (or other projectile) down the barrel at a high speed. Kinetic energy accounts for that big hole in the other guy’s head.

The propellant changes from world to world, sector to sector. There are three major types. Cased rounds still use the propellants descended from cordite and old, reliable gunpowder. Then there are caseless propellants that do not need any a container and are fixed on to the round itself. Finally, there are gas propellants. Two gases are kept in separate containers and kept inert. But when they are combined within the firing chamber, they explode with enough force to project a bullet at a similar velocity as would be achieved with more conventional compounds.

Brodie Derringer

Type Scale Skill
Holdout Slugthrower Character Firearms

The Derringer has three barrels, each of which holds a single .44 caliber round. The barrels have to be manually reloaded. Ammo for this weapon can also be used in the Brodie Vengeance. The Derringer packs a good deal of firepower in a small package, but the limited number of shots and range make it far from the most popular holdout weapon.

Brodie Fang S2

Type Scale Skill
Holdout Slugthrower Character Firearms

The Fang is a holdout pistol, designed to be easily hide-able. While it does not have the stopping power of larger weapons, nor the range, it is effective at letting one get close to one’s target. It fires 5mm rounds and is made from plasteel compounds to avoid security detection. The Fang is a mere 18cm in length and can use flechette rounds.

Furtherman T25

Type Scale Skill
Slugthrower Pistol Character Firearms

“A weapon that will allow the maximum firepower for our undercover security and intelligence forces, taking into consideration the large variety of legal jurisdictions that they must operate in.” With this request from the intelligence section of Furtherman Arms, T25 was born. Originally the weapon was intended for a limited run, but when word on its capabilities got out, Furtherman found they had a hit on their hands. The T25 uses a 10mm caseless round and can fire all types of ammo. It is a semi-automatic weapon.

Brodie Vengeance

Type Scale Skill
Slugthrower Pistol Character Firearms

A fairly traditional slugthrower, this .44 caliber pistol can be Hidden, although not with the ease of the Fang. it does, however, have far greater stopping power than the holdout, and ammunition is easy to find. It is easily one of the most popular slugthrower sidearms, and can be fired on automatic.

Furtherman Dracon SMG

Type Scale Skill
Slugthrower SMG Character Firearms

Originally designed for use by NetWorld Corp marines, this light submachine gun enjoys a rapid rate of fire. Designed for use with 9mm ammunition, the relatively small size of the Dracon makes it an effective weapon of surprise. It is normally fired on full-auto, though it can be switched to single shot.

Kalag MP31 (Urban Environment)

Type Scale Skill
Slugthrower SMG Character Firearms

Designed for counter-terrorist and urban fighting, the MP31 assault carbine is meant to give the firepower of an assault rifle in an SMG format. An interesting feature is the dual feed system. The weapon has two magazines that feed into each side of it at a 30-degree angle. The firer may change to either magazine by a hitting a switch [this is a simple action.] A voice-activated switching mechanism is also available along with a thought-activated switch for a smartgun system. It is capable of semi-auto, and full auto.

Furtherman Heavy Assault Rifle

Type Scale Skill
Slugthrower Asssault Rifle Character Firearms

A powerful weapon chambered for 5.6mm ammunition, the assault rifle is standard issue for megacorporate marines, particularly those scouting planets. Overall length is 95 cm, and the standard magazine can hold 40 rounds. The Furtherman HAR can fire flechette rounds. It normally fires on full automatic, but can fire on single shot.

Gurtman “Heavy Roller” X4 Assault Shotgun

Type Scale Skill
Slugthrower Assault Rifle Character Firearms

Autoloading and short-barreled, the Gurtman “Heavy Roller” X4 is prized by mercs for its stopping power. Although a shorter barrel (overall length of the weapon is 70cm) means a lower range, the X4 does significant damage within that range. The X4 fires caseless ammunition and can be fired on full-automatic. It can hold a magazine of 18 rounds (which is emptied in two rounds of full-auto) or be belt-fed up to 45 rounds. The belts, however, are only useful when the shotgun is mounted – they are very bulky and hard to feed. The Gurtman can also fire HE rounds, much like small grenades. These are drum-loaded and can only be fired single-shot. They have a little better range than the shot rounds, and do nearly the same amount of damage though they are not as accurate. The blast radius on the HE round is two meters, and damage is the same, but effects in a blast radius and decreases by -1D for every two meters past the impact zone.

Notes: The damage value for the Gurtman is both for the HE and the regular rounds, but the ranges are different. When using the HE rounds, change the range to

WolfArms GPl Assault System

Type Scale Skill
Slugthrower Assault Rifle Character Firearms

The GP1 is an example of how Alemboth Wix’s presence as Centauran/Wolf’s CEO has affected weapons design. The GP1 is one of the most technically sophisticated weapons available. The basis of the weapon is a gas propellant system that is the cutting edge of this technology. The system has two settings, one for use with single shot and another for use with full auto. A full charge is used when firing a single shot, while a reduced charge is used with automatic fire. The cylinder containing the catalyst propellant is included with each magazine, while the second gas cylinder is built into the weapon itself. This cylinder must be replaced after five magazines have been used.

Furtherman Light Hunting Rifle

Type Scale Skill
Slugthrower Civilian/Sniper Rifle Character Firearms

This is Furtherman’s adaptation of a popular Glahnite slugthrower. Simple, rugged and reliable, this has become a hot item among the civilian hunting and survivalist market. Its ability to take punishment and keep working also makes it a staple of Rim worlds, where gunsmiths may be few and far between. It can take all known rifle add-ons, and this 8mm weapon fires single shot only.


Caseless ammunition is light and does not require oxygen to function. Each bullet comes in a ceramic shell which burns off from friction upon firing. But caseless ammo cannot be reloaded and so must be purchased from a manufacturer, a store or the black market.

Flechette rounds are also available for many weapons. These are small, tightly packed slivers of metal designed to damage armor, including intra-dermal plate. When using flechette rounds, add +2 to the damage roll of the weapon. Flechette rounds are available in both cased and caseless varieties.

AP bullets are used to pierce armor. When a character is using AP rounds against a target wearing armor with an armor roll of +1D or more, increase the damage of the AP round by +1D+1. If the character is not wearing armor of +1D or better, then subtract two from the damage roll of the round.

Different ammo costs and effects are listed on the Equipment Chart .

Gamemaster Note: When characters, player or otherwise, reload, have them reload groups of bullets – do not have them reload one at a time. As for automatic weapons (like the Brodie “Metalstorm” or the Gurtman “Decapitator) they will take a long time to reload because they fire so many bullets that the “ammo” listing is for rounds of combat, not rounds of ammunition.

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