Gyrojet d6

Gyrojet d6

Skill: Firearms

Pistols and rifles that fire micro-missiles are collectively referred to as gyrojet weapons. They have good range, can be heavy hitting, and support a wide variety of warheads. The only differences between the pistol and the rifle versions are the number of rounds which each can hold and the size of each round. A pistol will hold a clip of four micro-missiles, while a rifle generally holds 12. The pistols fire smaller, more compact missiles, while the rifles fire the long-range heavy impact ones. Range, damage and other effects are determined by the type of warhead. The individual pistol or rifle unit can fire any type of warhead listed below (and some others not listed), but a pistol cannot fire a rifle warhead or vice versa. The pistols are squat, large-barreled weapons with revolving independent magazines. Most characters will carry their ammo organized in these revolving clips which can be easily ejected and replaced with full clips. It takes a round to reload magazine with single missiles, however. The rifles are also rather blunt affairs, but they have long straight clips instead of the revolving unit. Special “banana” and “drum” clips have been made for custom gyrojets (for larger ammo capacities), but they do not seem to diffuse the heat well and have been known – on rare occasions – to ignite warheads still in the clip. So the straight magazine is standard.

Weapon Type Type Fire Rate Fire Control Damage Range – S/M/L Ammo Price Ammo Price
Gyrojets (pistol) Pistol 1 0 10 2083
–Warhead, HE Pistol Warhead 1 -2 8D+1 10-25/50/150 tt tt 210
–AP Pistol Warhead 1 0 8D 10-25/75/200 tt tt 320
–HS (11) Pistol Warhead 1 0 ** ** tt tt 110
–BE Pistol Warhead 1 0 8D 10-50/50/150 tt tt 210
Gyrojets Rifle 30 2800
WolfArms “Rocker” Underslung Underslung Rifle 3 0 ** ** 30 3400
NetArms ‘Lewis” Gyrojet Rifle Rifle 3 0 ** ** 100 3500
Brodie Automatic Gyrojet Rifle Rifle 3 0 ** ** 200 6500
–Warhead, HE Rifle Warhead 3 -2 9D+1 10-50/100/250 tt tt 850
–AP Rifle Warhead 3 0 8D+2 10-50/200/400 tt tt 1260
–HS (11) Rifle Warhead 3 0 ** ** tt tt 350
–BE Rifle Warhead 3 0 8D 10-50/100/250 tt tt 850
tt – The cost and ammo for the weapon.
** – by warhead
11 – Must be fitted to other types of warheads

Gyrojet Warhead Ammo

Explosive: These missiles have a long range, but are more affected by wind and other factors than bullets and energy beams, hence their relatively poor accuracy. The area effect is inconsequential. [-2 to Firearms Roll for low accuracy]

Armor-Piercing: These missiles do slightly less damage than the others, but adds +1D+1 damage against armor (i.e. if target is wearing armor, add +1D+2 to the damage of the weapon.)

Burst Effect Missiles: These are basically useless against armored opponent, but can wreak havoc against a crowd of unarmored soft targets. Damage applies to everything within five meter of the impact point. Damage decreases by -1D+2 for every five meters beyond ground zero.

Heat-Seeking This is an optional fitting that can be added to any of the above warheads. It doubles all effective ranges and automatically streaks toward the largest heat source (determine randomly if more than one applicable target). This effect adds +1D+2 to the Firearms Skill
total of the user.

Burst Radius

Grenades and gyrojets have burst radii. The way this works is, the damage roll of the weapon is applied at “ground zero” where the round hits. The burst radii, or blast radius, is figured by the grenade or missile.

Gyrojets have very small burst radii. The HE missiles have a burst radius of one meter. Anything within one meter of “ground zero” but not actually on ground zero takes the damage roll of the HE missile minus five.

AP gyrojets have no burst radius.

Burst effect missiles have a five-meter burst radius, and for every unit of five meters beyond the burst radius, decrease the damage roll by five. Thus, a person standing 23 meters from where a BE missile hits is 18 meters out of the blast radius. Subtract 20 from the damage roll.

Grenades have more dangerous burst radii. The burst radius and damage adjustments are listed on the chart below.

Warhead Burst Radius(effect)
Type S M L
HE 3-5(-3) 6-8(-7) 9-12(-10)
AP 1-3(-5) 4-5(-8) 6-10(-12)
BE 4-6(-2) 7-8(-3) 9-12(-4)

Add the range modifier (the number in parentheses) to the damage roll when applying damage at the various ranges. Anything less than short range is within the initial blast radius and uses the explosive’s normal damage roll.

WolfArms “Rocker” Underslung Gyrojet Rifle

Type Scale Skill
Gyrojet Underslung Rifle Character Firearms

The “Rocker” was designed originally for the GP1 assault system as an optional weapon. However, the design’s idea has proven very popular, so it is now produced for most military issue weapons. The idea behind the weapon is a simple one: grenade launchers have long been integrated with rifles, so why not a gyrojet weapon? The “Rocker” is in all ways like a standard gyrojet rifle, but it has to be attached to another military issue weapon to fire properly.

NetArms “Lewis” Gyrojet Rifle

Type Scale Skill
Gyrojet Rifle Character Firearms

The Lewis gyrojet rifle is supposed to have gotten its name from some old-time piece from the Old Republic. Me, I’ve never been a big history buff,… all I care about is that this baby can get you very dead. It’s a long (180cm), bulky weapon with a circular magazine that’s placed on top of the weapon. The main advantage of this weapon is the integrated smartgun system which allows the firer to select the round that he will fire. The magazine then rotates to the selected round and it is ready to be fired. The smartgun system is usually integrated into the user’s combat armor. However, if the firer has a Furtherman Hunter or similar cyberware, then he may be wired directly into the weapon. As an option, the ammo selection system can be voice-activated.

Brodie Automatic Gyrojet Rifle:

Type Scale Skill
Gyrojet Rifle Character Firearms

By using a tri-barrel firing system, massive heatsinks and a forced air cooling system, Brodie is able to provide the first ever automatic gyrojet weapon that will not explode when the third round is fired. Unfortunately, this weapon is over 25kg in weight and can only be fired through the use of a combat harness or from a braced position using the provided monopod. However, the weapon is well worth the effort, being just plain damn destructive. The ammunition is the standard gyrojet rifle round, however, they have been placed into a 100 round disintegrating link belt. The battery that powers the cooling system and rotating barrels is good for five belts before it must be replaced.