Lasers d6

Lasers d6

Skill: Blasters

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Accelerated and focused photons form the nucleus of the large class of weapons known as lasers, which cause damage through the application of intense heat. They come in pistol and rifle forms, with repeater versions of each. The power pack, which is usually loaded into the stock, is potentially the biggest drawback of some of these weapons, as each manufacturer has settled on its own standard. Thus, a Brodie power pack won’t fit a Gurtman laser. Most of these weapons are now designed to work with super-insulator cells which are activated by superconductors. They are safer and smaller than power packs, thus more can be carried. Unfortunately, they are not rechargeable. The casing of the energy cell, however, is ejected exactly like a slugthrower casing and can be used to defer the costs of buying more ammo (the casing can be refitted and used again at the factory).

Energy cells come in different sizes, with larger ones intended for rifles and smaller intended for pistols. It is possible, though not recommended, to jury-rig a rifle cell to fit a pistol, and thus increase the pistol’s damage roll. But the consequences can be explosive .

Weapon Type Type Fire Rate Fire Control Damage Range – S/M/L Ammo Price Ammo Price
Gurtman T4 Pistol 1s/5fa +1 3D+1 3-20/30/50 50 * 375 10
Gurtman T6 Pistol 1s 0 3D+1 3-25/75/150 50 * 375 10
WolfArms ‘Fury” LP Pistol 1s 0 3D+2 3-25/75/150 75 * 396 13
Brodie RLP Pistol 1s/5fa 0 3D+2 3-25/75/150 75 * 500 15
Gurtman T10 Urbab Env. 0 4D 3-30/75/200 100 * 1125 19
Gurtman “Hammer” LR Rifle 1 +1D 5D 5-30/250/1000 150 t 500 20
Furtherman F20 LAR Assault Rifle 1s 0 5D 3-15/ 50/100 180 t 200 7
Brodie Arsenal RLR Rifle 1s/5fa 0 5D+1 5-50/500/1500 100t 1000 25
* – Runs off of disposable cells
t- Runs off energy packs and/or body armor packs.

Gurtman T4 Holdout

Type Scale Skill
Laser Holdout Character Blasters

The T4 is the little brother of Gurtman’s T6. Unlike that already common sidearm, the T4 is designed to fire five three-shot autofire bursts. This allows the T4 to use a less powerful beam, but still be effective. Also the burst allows for a higher first round hit ratio than the single shot. This can be important in close combat, since the primary advantage of a holdout is surprise.

Gurtman T6 Laser Pistol

Type Scale Skill
Laser Pistol Character Blasters

Light and roughly 18cm in length, the Gurtman packs less punch than its larger cousins But is still an excellent sidearm. The T6 is a semi-automatic weapon.

Brodie Repeating Laser Pistol

Type Scale Skill
Laser Pistol Character Blasters

Similar to the T6, but capable of firing three-shot autofire burst. The Brodie has a length of 22cm and can fire seven bursts before exhausting its energy.

WolfArms “Fury” Laser Pistol

Type Scale Skill
Laser Pistol Character Blasters

This is essentially a cheap knock-off of the Brodie Repeating Laser Pistol. WolfArms marketed this under-powered weapon on the Rim and found there was a market for it, and Brodie is looking the other way since their product is superior and everybody knows it. There have been a few grumblings about the fact that the Fury’s exterior looks just like the Brodie RLP, giving it intimidation value. The Fury is a semi-automatic.

Gurtman T10 Heavy Laser Pistol

Type Scale Skill
Laser SMG/Carbine Character Blasters

When the Brodie Repeating Laser Pistol appeared, it quickly acquired a large share of the personal laser market. Not to be outdone, Gurtman quickly released the T10 Heavy Laser Pistol. This weapon is capable of full automatic fire, making it a devastating weapon at close range. Also, it comes equipped with a small folding stock which allows for more accurate fire at all ranges.

Gurtman “Hammer” Laser Rifle

Type Scale Skill
Laser Rifle Character Blasters

Another weapon favored by mega-corp marines, the Hammer is single shot but can do significantly more damage than an energy pistol. Both this and the Brodie Arsenal are designed to work with their respective company’s body armor, but can be jury-rigged to work independently.

Furtherman F20 Laser Assault Rifle (Military Issue):

Type Scale Skill
Laser Assault Rifle Character Blasters

One of the first laser assault rifles produced using modern technology, the L20 has been outclassed by the Gurtman’s “Hammer” and the Brodie Arsenal. But in the meantime, Furtherman produced a load of these and many can still be found in areas of the Outer Rim and smaller corporations.

Brodie Arsenal Repeating Laser Rifle

Type Scale Skill
Laser Rifle Character Blasters

The Arsenal fires three-round autofire bursts of a 2mm laser beam. This makes it excellent for sweeping attacks that cut foes in half. It was originally designed for use with the Brodie Mark IV Armored Combat Suit, but has been modified by the manufacturer to work with lesser grades of armor, or even off a bulky power pack.

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