Weapons Recoil

Weapons Recoil

Recoil in Star Frontiers has been sadly neglected in the past, even though it is a major factor in any kind of combat, effecting ones accuracy. The following add-on rules covers this deficiency.

The initial task in calculating the effects of recoil is determining the Recoil Rating. This depends on the weapon being fired.

  1. Chemically Propelled Projectile Weapons (non-Gyrojet) – These refer to all auto-rifles and pistols, submachine guns, and their semi-auto versions where applicable. The Recoil Rating of these types is equal to the Maximum Damage of that particular shot. In addition, for the automatic weapons of these types, the Burst Recoil has a penalty also, which is listed below.
  2. Gyrojet type weapons – Gyrojet rifles and pistols have a standard propellant that dictates what type of recoil they have. As a standard, all gyrojet type weapons have a 45 Recoil rating. For Grenade Launchers and Attachments, the Recoil Rating is 50.
  3. EMA and LAP propelled weaponsThe Recoil rating for any Linear Accelerated weaponry is equal to 1/2 the Maximum Damage for that particular shot. This is for standard solid rounds. For special rounds, calculate as if a solid round shot for recoil purposes. The Burst Recoil penalties is also listed below.

It is important to note that their is general recoil and burst recoil; where applicable, both are considered and both penalties are applied cumulatively.

Recoil Penalty – If the Recoil Rating is greater than the firing PC’s STR, the PC receives a -1 RS. Otherwise, fire as normal.

Burst Recoil Penalty – Burst Recoil applies regardless of the results from general Recoil; no STR test, etc., unless a special add-on device compensates for it.

Chemically Propelled

  • 4 round burst: -1 CS
  • 10 round burst: -2 CS


  • 8 to 10 round burst: -1 CS
  • 12 round burst: -2 CS

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