WEG MB/D6 Conversion System

WEG MB/D6 Conversion System

West End Games: Masterbook/D6 System Conversion

By George Strayton

This system converts MasterBook characters and adventures to the D6 System rules (used in other roleplaying games produced by West End). Of course, since the conversion translates logarithmic values to linear values, you have to exercise good judgment. If something doesn’t look right after you convert it, alter the value or die code to what seems more realistic.

The conversion involves one simple formula: divide the MasterBook value by three. The quotient becomes the D6 die code and the remainder becomes the number of pips. For example, a MasterBook value of 14 becomes a D6 code of 4D+2 (14/3 = 4, remainder 2). Using this equation allows you to convert statistics on the fly. You don’t have to convert all the numbers in a particular adventure beforehand. For example, your characters encounter a thug who immediately opens fire. You convert the thug’s fire combat skill value of 8 to a die code of 2D+2 and start rolling.

To convert from D6 to MasterBook, simply multiply the die code by three and then add the pips. For example, a D6 planetary systems skill of 4D+2 has a MasterBook skill value of 14 (3 * 4 + 2).

The main sections of conversion are characters, difficulty numbers, modifiers, and damage values.


MasterBook and the D6 System have different character Attributes. The first task in translating a character, then, is mapping the Attributes from one system to the

other. The chart below shows the correlation between the two sets of Attributes.

Attribute Values/Die Codes

In instances where multiple Attributes in one system convert to a single Attribute in the other system, the Attributes are averaged. For example, the MasterBook Strength and Endurance Attributes translate to the D6 Strength Attribute. To determine the D6 Strength, first determine the average of the two MasterBook Attributes and then convert using the standard conversion formula.

Note that the MasterBook Intellect Attribute is used to determine the D6 Knowledge and Technical Attributes.

To convert attributes, divide the MasterBook Attribute value by three. The quotient represents the die code and the remainder represents the number of pips. For example, a MasterBook character with a Mind of I I would have a D6 Mechanical of 3D+2 (3/9 = 3, remainder 2).


There is no direct correlation between MasterBook skills and D6 System skills. First, try to find a skill with a similar name. For example, the MasterBook energy weapons skill would translate to the D6 blaster skill. If you can’t find a match, just list that skill beneath whatever D6 Attribute seems appropriate. For example, the MasterBook archaeology skill would fall under the D6 Knowledge Attribute since the D6 System does not have a corresponding skill.

Example: Using the conversion formula, a MasterBook espionage skill of 10 becomes a D6 espionage skill of 3D+ 1.

Attribute Conversion

MasterBook Attribute D6 Attribute
Average of Agility & Dexterity Dexterity
Average of Strength & Endurance Strength
Intellect Knowledge
Intellect Technical
Mind Mechanical
Average of Confidence & Charisma Perception

Masterbook/D6 Skill Conversion

MasterBook Skill D6 Skill Equivalent
Acrobatics (Acrobatics /Dexterity*)
Beast riding Beast riding (Mechanical*)
Climbing Climbing/Jumping(Strength*)
Dance (Dance/Dexterity*)
Dodge Dodge (Dexterity*)
Escape Artist (Escape Artist/Dexterity*)
Flight (Flight/Dexterity*)
Improvised Weaponry Melee Combat (Dexterity*)
Long Jumping Climbing/Jumping(Strength*)
Martial Arts Brawling (Strength*)
Maneuver Maneuver (Dexterity*)
Mechanical Maneuver Powersuit Operation (Mechanical*)
Melee Combat Melee Combat (Dexterity*)
Melee Parry Melee Parry (Dexterity*)
Running Running (Dexterity*)
Stealth Sneak (Perception*)
Swimming Swimming (Strength*)
Unarmed Combat Brawling (Strength*)
Unarmed Parry Brawling Parry (Dexterity*)
Energy Weapons Blaster
Exotic Weapons Lightsaber, Bowcaster
Fire Combat Archaic Guns, Firearms
Gunnery Vehicle Blasters, Capital Ship Gunnery, Starship Gunnery
Heavy Energy Weapons Blaster Artillery
Heavy Weapons (Heavy Weapons)
Lock Picking Security (Technical*)
Missile Weapons Bows, Missile Weapons
Prestidigitation Pick Pocket
Security Security (Technical*)
Thrown Weapons Thrown Weapons, Grenade
Vehicle Piloting Archaic Starship Piloting, Capital Ship Piloting, Ground Vehicle Operation, Hover Vehicle Operation, Repulsorlift Operation, Space Transports, Starfighter Piloting, Swoop Operation, Walker Operation
Resist Pain Stamina (Strength*)
Resist Shock Stamina (Strength*)
Lethal Strike Strength
Lifting Lifting
Apportation (Apportation/Knowledge*)
Camouflage Hide (Perception*)
Cantrips (Cantrips/Knowledge*)
Computer Hacking Computer Programming/Repair (Technical*)
Computer Ops Computer Programming/Repair (Technical*)
Counterfeiting (Counterfeiting/Perception*)
Counter-Intelligence (Counter-Intelligence/Knowledge*)
Data Analysis (Data Analysis/Knowledge*)
Deduction Search (Perception*)
Demolitions Demolitions (Technical*)
Divination (Divination/Knowledge*)
Espionage (Espionage/Knowledge*)
First Aid First Aid (Technical*)
Forgery Forgery (Perception*)
Inventor (Inventor/Knowledge*)
Journalism (Journalism/Knowledge*)
Linguistics (Linguistics/Knowledge*)
Navigation Astrogation (Mechanical*)
Perception Investigation (Perception*)
Performance Arts (Performance Arts/Knowledge*)
Photography (Photography/Knowledge*)
Psionic Manipulation (Psionic Manipulation/Knowledge*)
Radio Ops Communications (Mechanical*)
Safe-Cracking Security (Technical*)
Science Scholar, Sensors, Capital Ship Shields,Starship Shields, Computer Programming/Repair, Droid Programming, Droid Repair, Armor Repair, Blaster Repair, Capital Starship Weapon Repair, Starship Weapon Repair
Smuggling Business (Knowledge*)
Super-Science (Super-Science/Technical*)
Teaching (Teaching/Perception*)
Tracking Search (Perception*)
Trick Con (Perception*)
Vehicle Mechanic Capital Starship Repair, Ground Vehicle Repair, Hover Vehicle Repair, Repulsortift Repair, Space Transports Repair, Starfighter Repair, Walker Repair
Artist (Artist/Knowledge*)
Bureaucracy Bureaucracy (Knowledge*)
Business Business (Knowledge*)
Conjuration (Conjuration/Knowledge*)
Hypnotism (Hypnotism/Knowledge*)
Language Languages (Knowledge*)
Medicine Medicine (Technical*)
Research (Research/Perception*)
Scholar Scholar, Alien Species, Cultures, Law Enforcement, Planetary Systems, Value (Knowledge*)
Alteration (Alteration/Knowledge*)
Con Con (Perception*)
Curse (Curse/Knowledge*)
Faith (Faith/Perception*)
Interrogation (Interrogation/Perception*)
Intimidation Intimidation (Knowledge*)
Psychology (Psychology/Knowledge*)
Streetwise Streetwise (Knowledge*)
Survival Survival (Knowledge*)
Willpower Willpower (Knowledge*)
Charm (Charm/Perception*)
Disguise Con (Perception*)
Persuasion Persuasion (Perception*)
Summoning (Summoning/Knowledge*)
Taunt (Taunt/Perception*)

D6 Damage Chart

Weapon D6 Damage Value
Holdout pistol (.22 caliber) 3D
Small pistol (.25 caliber) 3D+1
Light rifle (.22 long) 3D+2
.38 Special 4D
Ingram SMG 4D+ 1
Colt .45 4D+2
.44 Magnum Pistol 5D
.30-.30 Lever Action Rifle 5D+1
AK-47 Assault Rifle 5D+2
Ml6 Assault Rifle or Grenade 6D
7.62 HK21 Machinegun 6D+1
7.62 Maremont Lightweight M60 6D+2
7.62 “Chain Gun” 7D
GE Minigun M134 7D+1
Weapon D6 Damage Value
Pocketknife STR+1
Small knife STR+2
Knife STR+ 1D
Dagger or Club STR+1D+1
Short sword or baseball bat STR+1D+2
Quarterstaff or rapier STR+2D
Light sword or warhammer STR+2D+ 1
Broadsword STR+2D+2
Morning-star or pike STR+3D
Two-handed sword or battle axe STR+3D+l
Small Rock STR+1
Throwing stars STR+2
Throwing knife STR+1D
Small slingshot STR+1D+1
Sling/short bow STR+1D+2
Medium bow/ throwing axe STR+2D
Composite bow STR+2D+l
Long bow STR+2D+2
Light crossbow STR+3D
Heavy crossbow STR+3D+1
Compound bow STR+3D+2
Type D6 Armor Add
Heavy “adventurer’s clothing” +1
Heavy furs +2
Heavy padding/metallic woven fabric +1D
Leather armor +1D+l
Leather armor with metal links +1D+2
Chain link/”light” bulletproof armor +2D
Light Kevlar +2D+1
Plate & chain armor/flak jacket +2D+2
Plate mail/standard Kevlar +3D
Plate armor/ Kevlar ceramic +3D+1

On the previous pages you’ll find a list of the MasterBook skills and their D6 System equivalents. Where no D6 skill matches, the skill and/or its base Attribute (if different from the MasterBook Attribute) are listed in parentheses. Skills placed under a different Attribute in D6 than in MasterBook are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Miscellaneous Character


MasterBook Life Points equate to D6 Force Points, and MasterBook Skill Points equate to D6 Character Points. Bonuses or penalties resulting from MasterBook Advantages and Compensations can be converted using the standard conversion formula.

Difficulty Numbers

Since there is no linear formula that will accurately convert difficulty numbers, use the chart above to translate them between systems.

Difficulty Conversion
MasterBook Difficulty Level D6 Difficulty Level
Routine/ Nearly Routine (1-2) Very Easy (1-5)
Very Easy/ Easy (3-5) Easy (6-10)
Average/Complicated (6-10) Moderate (11- 15)
Difficult/Hard (11-13) Difficult (16-20)
Very Hard/Extremely Hard (14-18) Very Difficult (21-30)
Incredible/Nearly Impossible (19+) Heroic (31+)


Divide the MasterBook modifier value by three. Treat the quotient as the die code and drop the remainder. For example, a MasterBook trick shot has a modifier of -4, which translates to a D6 modifier of -1D (-4/3 -1, remainder 1).

Damage Values

Since MasterBook damage values tend toward the high side, you must first subtract five from the MasterBook value and then apply the conversion formula. For example, a light rifle in MasterBook has a damage value of 16. In the D6 System, the damage value is 3D+2 ((16 – 5)/3 = 3, remainder 2).


Conversions for other areas of game play (vehicle and starship combat, magic, psionics, etceteras) are left to the gamemaster. In each case, the standard conversion formula should provide you with a basis for translation. For example, characters from the Bloodshadows TM game who have magical spells at their disposal, may attempt to cast a spell by generating a skill total and comparing it to the spell’s difficulty (the skill value and the difficulty number can both be converted using the guidelines presented above).

Refer to the previous two pages for charts of converted skills and damage values.

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