Who is Seawolf?

Seawolf is me. Ron. Seawolf is a handle I adopted some time ago. I have a little Cherokee Indian in me, from both sides of my family – roughly 1/16. I’ve determined through the kind of characters I like to play that my totem is of the wolf-spirit. I’m am also a Pisces. I combined the two to get seawolf.

D&D Seawolf

I found this little bit of information recently:

Native American Zodiac – Wolf

Feb 19 – Mar 20

Deeply emotional, and wholly passionate, the Wolf is the lover of the zodiac in both the physical and philosophical sense of the word. The Wolf understands that all we need is love, and is fully capable of providing it. Juxtaposed with his/her fierce independence – this Native American animal symbol is a bit of a contradiction in terms. Needing his/her freedom, yet still being quite gentle and compassionate – we get the picture of the “lone wolf” with this sign. In a nurturing environment the Wolf is intensely passionate, generous, deeply affectionate, and gentle. Left to his/her own devices the Wolf can become impractical, recalcitrant, obsessive, and vindictive. See also this page on Wolf totem meanings.

We all gotta have our handles. Just in case you wanted to know…

I was born in the great year of we landed on the Moon, and grew up in the “lovely” state of New Jersey, the armpit of NYC. My childhood could have been worse, but it certainly could have been better. In high school, I graduated a very average student. I escaped NJ as soon as I could (you don’t move away from NJ, you escape.). Just after I graduated high school, I lived in NC for several years, and then moved to SC. I went to college and graduated with Computer Science degree. I tried for my Masters, but gave it up.

I am first and foremost a proud husband to my lovely wife and father of a great kids.  My wife is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my kids are the most important things in the world to me.  I will do anything to ensure the safety of children physically, mentally and spiritually.

I am Believer, gamer, writer, sci-fi and fan of football, both college and NFL, sci-fi and gaming convention organizers, computer programmer, amateur web master and an all-around OK guy. I’m also a proud conservative, registered Republican with Libertarian leanings, proud geek, 80s metal-head and Carolina Panther-fan.

I am a recovering Star Wars fan (no longer thanks to George Lucas and Ep 1-3), fair-weather Star Trek fan (a fan when its good, hate it when its bad), and a big Babylon 5 and Stargate fan. I am also a big fan of Farscape and the old Battlestar Galactica (the new BSG started out good but got worse as time went on). I love horror flicks of any kind, and sci-fi flicks that have a plot. You will occasionally see me comment on the things I am a fan of on my mini-blog.

My most recent claims to fame are game reviewer for Gaming Report website (more than 100+ reviews posted), and a few game reviews published in Scrye Magazine.  I have been the gaming coordinator for tabletop gaming events at MACE, MACE West, StellarCon, Concarolinas, COnGregate and others.  I was also Con Chair for ConCarolinas (as well as Gaming Coordinator) for its first 11 years. During my time there, the convention was the fastest growing general sci-fi con in the Carolinas.  I regret that it ended badly and am probably still bitter about it.  Bad politics, bad people and a bad situation for my family.  I rejoined them as part of a partnership with JustUs Productions in 2016.

I have been published – a Babylon 5 RPG adventure in Mongoose Publishing magazine Signs & Portents and a few reviews in Scrye Magazine (2008) – and I have also helped Greg Porter write the EABALarp rules for his EABA line.  I currently write reviews for The Gamer Codex and am working on some RPG adventures that hopefully will be published on RPGNow soon.

That’s about all I am… sorry, no shining star of society. Just a regular guy, sort of.

Who would care Who I am?: I really don’t know, but I suppose you do if you have read this far. I am not a self-centered, self-righteous man…. well, not completely. I’ve done a few things I am proud of and I suppose I would like to share. The primary motivation behind this web site was Role-Playing Games, but as time has gone on, it has expanded a little. So if you care, thanks. If you don’t… go away.

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