Writing Legacy of the Führer Part 2

Writing Legacy of the Führer Part 2



I have used several inspirations to write this one, starting with some notes that I found from Ken Richardson.  Castaway was an idea he wrote up that interested me, but figuring out how to work it into my version was interesting.  Then I did a search on secret Nazi Arctic bases and found out about Schatzgräber I changed its nature and the timing of its construction but it served my purposes perfectly.

I was given a game at MACE 2016 as part of a swag bag called Sedition Wars: Battle of Alabaster.  When I read into the story of that game, started painting the minis, the pieces started falling together.  Combining this with the core campaign concepts of the LotF series is perfect.

Hopefully I will get some playtesting in soon.

Project Pieces

(1) Core plot – Arctic based inspired by Schatzgräber, where technology from the die Glocke was studied, tested and experimented with.

(2) Converting the Sedition Wars creatures

(3) Paint and based minis

(4) Find a suitable Map that I can use for the base.  I found a mao in DriveThruRPG, old d20 Modern adventure called Modern Dispatch (#129): The Ice Palace (Der Eis Palast).  Borrowed and Photoshopped the map a little to suit my needs.