Zhara’catiis – Island of the Ancients

Zhara’catiis – Island of the Ancients


Also known as the Island of  the Dead Eaters.  Also site of Ancient ruins ( like above)


The Zhara’caka – Eaters of the Dead – a shunned sub-species of Etyri.  Long thought extinct, only recently discovered of the Island.  They are flightless, small, annoying vulture-like creatures.  They are seen as outcasts, pariah of the species and are contained on the Island.

The Unwinged – Outcasts, criminals, dishonored members of the Etyri society.  They are banished to various locations throughout Grail, including the Island.  Their crimes are considered so heinous that their wings are surgically removed and are banished the various locations reserved for Unwinged Colonies.

Subsequent generations born on the island are given a choice – renounce their people and join a law abiding clan/family or be unwinged like their parents.  The regional Etyri judicial council makes yearly visits to the island to hold these hearing and make judgments where needed.