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Ice Daemon d20 Minions Conversions

Yeti Large monstrous humanoid (cold) These are the legendary abominable snowmen, Sasquatch or Bigfoot.  Although immensely strong and therefore dangerous to humans, the yeti are none the less seen here to be herbivorous. These creatures are known to keep company with animals,

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Star Realms of the Final Frontier

I am sporadically working on a d20 Future version of what I have put together here. A I got through, I may change, modify or completely take out some things. Not sure when it will be finished but I have

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Bought Dark Matter d20

I like the Dark Matter setting (orginally Alternity) and now it is in the d20 Modern rules. My only beef with it was that I wanted to put it in the near future rather than modern era. With d20 Modern,

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Brainwashed in DC Setting, d20 Rules

At mini-mace 2006, I ran a version of the Brainwashed adventure, by 12 to Midnight Games. I had gotten a copy from Gaming Report and really enjoyed it. I had to make certain specific changes to the scenario to set

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