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American Sniper (August 02 2015): Excellent book, totally different from the movie. Love the movie too.

The Fragment: A Harn Novel2006-07-01 : Finished Reading. See my review on Gaming Report.
Currently Reading/Will be Reading2006-07-27 : Currently Reading: Fading Suns: Sinful Stars (short stories). Will be reading: A Game of Thrones (George RR Martin)
A Game of Thrones2007-02-03 : A most OUTSTANDING book!
A Clash of Kings2007-09-09 : Outstanding! Awesome fantasy!
Flags of Our Fathers2008-02-27 : An amazing and sad story. Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue!
World War Z by Max Brooks2008-12-11 : Dang good book! Needs to be a board game. That might come out after the movie.
The Dark Wing by Walter H Hunt2008-12-12 : This universe in incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and hope to read the next. Took me 6 months to read it but I finished it.
Starfall (Stardrive short story novel)2011-08-24 : Finally finished this book. Some stories were good, some stories were not.
Breakfest with UNCC Coach & WBT Focus group2011-10-22 : I had a busy Tuesday Oct 4. Had breakfast at the Univ. Hilton with the football coach of UNCC new football team and then that afternoon, spent the evening at WBT talking about talk radio. It was fascinating. Never been more part of the Charlotte community.
Starrise at Corrivale2012-07-22 : Took me almost a year but I finally finished this book. It`s not a big book, just slow. I am not entirely sure I like Diane Duane`s writing style. But the last two chapters made the book. It could have been a lot shorter book.
American Sniper 2015-08-02 : Excellent book, totally different from the movie. Love the movie too.

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Science Fiction
Jerry Pournelle
Larry Niven
Jack McDevit
Alan Dean Foster
Kevin J Anderson
Timothy Zahn
David Weber
Walter H Hunt

JRR Tolkien
George RR Martin
Stephen Donaldson
Tracy Hickman
Brian Daley
Margaret Weis

HP Lovecraft
Clive Barker

I also enjoy World War II Fiction and Non Fiction, as well as weird conspiracy type stuff like the Bermuda Traingle, Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster.  One of my favorite books growing up was a little reference book my parents got in the mail called Strange Stories, Amazing Facts.