RD6 version 2

RD6 version 2

I have been doing some thinking about this after playing Savage Worlds for a long time. I will openly admit that my major influence to this revamping is Savage Worlds, especially the new SWADE version. I really want to simplify the system while keeping the core dice mechanic.

One thing I hate the most was the pip mechanic. I am going to take that out. I am going to change the way skills are measure and call it Ranks. 1 Rank is the equivalent of 1D. But there will be no pips in skills. So in the case of a attribute of 2D+1 and a skill of 1D+2, that does not translate to 4D anymore because you won’t have a 1D+2 skill. Only attributes will have pips.

I am going to design a leveling system so you are not spending points, but you are going to have a more controlled way to raise your skills and abilities.

I am also coming up with a more unified difficult system. I may not have difficulties. Stealing from Savage Worlds, I may just have successes. I am thinking about a single value and every time you have multiples of that value, it’s a success (6, maybe?).

Also stealing from SW, I am adding a simple mechanic to determine difficulty and level of success. Every 6 beyond the base 6 is a success. Each level of difficult is a number of successes. Easy is 1, Moderate is 2. This simplifies the Result Points system I was stealing from Masterbook as well. Now Result points are simple a number of success beyond what was needed.


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