00.1 RonD6 Core Concepts 2.0

After playing around in game systems like Savage Worlds, Fantasy AGE, and others, I found that many concepts from those systems can translate to d6.  I have recently returned to this project with the intention of streamlining and changing a few core d6 concepts to further make this system more viable, at least to me.

Core System

The Core system of multiple d6 versus a difficulty is going to remain the same but I have streamlined that system.  Difficulties are set numbers, starting at 1 for Easy and every 5 after that is a new difficulty level.  Just remember the single number and interval.  1, 6, 11, 16… etc.

Additionally, modifiers ONLY apply to the roll, either as pre-roll dice additions or subtractions or fixed values after the roll.  Standard D6 had modifiers all over the place and I prefer to simplify that.  I also simplified the whole modifier system leaving much to the GM.  I took out all the modifier tables for each skill and just came up with a generic system for it.

Optional Idea:  I am debating on changing the core difficulty to a single number for everything, stealing from Savage Worlds a little. The base difficulty for everything is Moderate or 11.  Difficulty Modifiers to the roll can be applied for Very Easy (-10), Easy (-5), Difficult (+5), etc.  I may make this an optional system but I am really liking it.

Passive values for Attributes and stills are implied throughout the core d6 rulebooks but never overtly labelled as such.  I am defining a Passive Value to any applicable skill or Attribute


I am going back and doing a lot more rolling up with skills. I may be that each attribute may only have 4 or 5 skills under them.  Many will be Focus skills, however.


Influenced by Savage Worlds,  I want to change the Base Combat Difficulty system.

The base difficulty to attack someone is 10 (called the target’s passive defense value) or the target’s active defense value, modified by range and other factors.

Instead, the base difficulty depends on Ranged or Melee.

Ranged: If at Ranged, it is harder to dodge a bullet.  The Base Passive Difficulty is the target’s passive dodge value.  Range modifiers affect the roll.  If the character is actively dodging, only half his dodge is effective in ranged combat.

Melee: If at Melee, passive or active defense can be used.  For either type, Dodge or Fighting can be used.

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