00a – Crash on Volturnus Enhanced Introduction

00a – Crash on Volturnus Enhanced Introduction

Timeline of events

c. 1100 – Sathar invasion of Volturnus begins.

2115 (5 FY) – A pathway through the the Pronus Fingers of the Xagyg Dust Nebula charted by robotic drones, as part of an operation headed by Professor Alorne Zebulon.  A system is discovered hidden just beyond the edges of the Nebula, thus labelled the Zebulon System.

2119 – The Truane’s Star Expeditionary Service (Truane’s Star) funds a very expensive and secret expedition, Operation Shadow Sails.  Using the exploration ship, the Halstarr’s Shard, the ship sets out to explore the Zebulon system.  After entering the new pass through the Fingers, it is never heard from again.

2120 – The TSES makes a deal with Streel Corporation to share rights to the Zebulon System if they supply one of their automated survey ships for another attempt (and the funds).

The Truane’s Star Expeditionary Service put everything they had into the exploration of the Zebulon System, in hopes of not alerting the corporations of its existence, especially Streel.  Unfortunately, their efforts failed. Halstarr’s Shard was lost with all hands, as far as they know.

They were forced to work with Streel, who agreed to send their automated survery ship loaded with the TSES survery team as well as several automated drones.


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