05.02.01 Rd6 Combat: Tech Level Scale

05.02.01 Rd6 Combat: Tech Level Scale

Version 1.0

3D or 2D+1 Random RollTech Level (TL)Human Era Description
31Stone AgeFire has been discovered; sharpened sticks and stones are the basic armaments; the wheel and lever are the mechanical wonders of the day; Animal domestication is common, as are building villages.
42Bronze/Iron AgeThis is a time of metal working, walled cities, stone monuments, sailing ships, and simple writing. Accomplished warriors wear metal armor and carry spears, swords, bow and arrows. Iron advanced the weapons making, siege machines were developed to defeat the walls and cities grew larger and more fortified.
53Medieval AgeIron gives way to steel weapons and armor while more complex weaponry is developed like the cross bow. Humans refer to this Dark age as it marks a era retrogression and loss of technical and social gains made in earlier ages. Many fantasy settings are set at this tech level.
64RenaissanceRebounding from the Dark Ages, for Humans this was a period of rediscovery, art, and philosophy. Gunpowder makes major changes In the waging of war, and information exchange advanced with movable type printing. Many fantasy settings are also at this level.
75Industrial/Engineering RevolutionSteam and other combustion engines drive industry to a new level of production. Cures are found for some diseases. Electricity Is utilized to a limited extent for communication and illumination. These also drive new forms of transportation, Including personal cars, war machines, and fixed-wing aircraft. Radio, television, suborbital rockets and small automatic weapons are developing. Steam Punk, Diesel Punk, and Pulp settings are typified by this Tech level.
86Information AgeNuclear power produces electricity as well as weapons of mass destruction. Orbital spacecraft visit nearby satellites and unmanned probes explore other
planets in the solar system. World spanning information networks create a unified way to connect. Modern settings are usually at this tech level.
97Fusion AgeFusion power creates nearly endless cheap energy. Laser weapons and cybernetics become common. Manned exploration of the home system, establishment of orbital and scientific colonies around or on other planets within system. Cold sleep used for long Interplanetary trips and generations ships are launched. World spanning Cybernet has contains all the information and communication of the world. Cyberpunk settings are common at this level.
108Spacefaring AgeThe cybernet systems give way to artificial intelligence machines, starting with non-self aware but growing to self aware. Androids and other automated assistants are common. Industry is completely automated. The home system is colonized with independent colonies and whole cities now orbit the planets. Sub-light exploration of the stars begins.
119First Stellar Age The first Faster-than-light (FTL) drives are discovered and exploration of interstellar space begins. Androids and sentient beings works side by side in the expansion into the galaxy. The first stellar nations are formed.
1210Second Stellar AgeFTL communication allows for connections between systems to solidify forming strong and more unified stellar nations. Wars are common between these nations as technology advances. Other sentient beings are also discovered. New Empires are formed and fall.
1311Third Stellar AgeAnti-Matter drives new FTL (Warp) brings the known stellar factions together. New Federations are formed. New weapons, matter transference, and subspace communication. Energy Shield protect startships.
1412Fourth Stellar AgeEnergy shield protect personal vehicles and other craft as well as individuals. Anti-gravity and repulsor-lift technology becomes common. Large Imperiums are formed.
1513Ultratech AgeTerraforming technology is perfected, including shifting planets orbits to more favorable locations. Androids and automated beings are indistinguishable from humans and have equal rights.
1614Transmatter AgeProgrammable matter is common. Matter can be broken down to energy and rebuilt. Unlimited FTL communication is now possible.
1715Dysonian AgeWorld building is possible. The building of Ringworlds and Dyson Spheres are possible.
1816Supertech AgeTechnology is indistinguishable from Magic

Introducing Tech Level to d6 opens up new layer to the game that needs to be addressed. Does the TL 4 Plate armor of the Fantasy have the same Armor value against TL 9 Blaster as it does a TL 4 Sword? I would argue that it would not as it was not made to defend against weapons of a higher TL.

The general rule is take the difference between the TLs of the weapons and the armor. Use the difference as Pips to add to the higher level, converting 3 pips to 1D if necessary.

For Example, a Charles is shooing a Knight in TL4 Plate Armor with a TL9 Plasma Rifle. The difference is 5 pips, converted 1D+2 bonus to the damage. Reversing that, some one with a TL3 Bow is shooting someone wearing a TL10 Armor. The difference is 7, which is 2D+1 penalty to the damage (or bonus to the Armor, however you want to treat it).

Please note that the TL for weapons in this rule apply to the Tech Level they were manufactured in. A TL9 Sword would be made with TL9 methods and be of higher quality and thus on equal standing with a TL9 armor suit.