05.03 Rd6 Damage, Wounds, & Healing

05.03 Rd6 Damage, Wounds, & Healing

Version 1.0

Damage in Ron D6 is handled slightly different to simplify things. Instead of seemingly arbitrary scales of wounds, one must just keep track of a number of wounds. Every six points of Damage over the Resistance Total is a Wound and each Wound is cumulative. While this does simplify things, it also give the player more chances of survivability.

Damage Resistance Total

The Damage Resistance Total equals a roll of the target character’s Toughness + Dice Totals from Armor or Special Abilities (such as Attack Resistance) minus any modifiers from disease, ingested poisons, or other debilitating circumstances (such as an appropriate Hindrance). A player may improve his character’s resistance total by spending Character Points or a Fate Point on this roll. If the character has no armor or Special Abilities, then the character has a Damage Resistance equal to Toughness, and the player makes no roll.

However, they can still spend Character Points, using them as a base damage resistance total. Spending a Fate Point allows the player to roll his character’s Strength. Totals determined from spending points are adjusted as normal, including negative and positive damage resistance.

EffectDamage Total ≥ Resistance TotalEffect
Stunnedless than 6-1D for all physical actions until the character rolls one success with Stamina: Fortitude or spends one round of no actions to become Un-stunned.
WoundEvery 6 points of damage -1D per wound to all actions until healed.
Incapacitated3 WoundsThe character is severely injured. As a free action before losing consciousness, he may try to stay up with a Moderate Stamina or willpower roll. If the character succeeds, he may continue to act, but all actions have a -3D penalty. If he fails, he is knocked out for 10D minutes.
Mortally Wounded4 woundsThe character is near death and knocked unconscious with no chance to keep up. Roll the character’s Strength each round, the character finally dies if the roll is less than the number of minutes he’s been at this level.
Dead> 4 woundsThe character is terminated. He won’t be back.

* Note: Any additional damage less than the character’s current level moves the character up by one level.

Stun Setting On Weapons

For weapons that do stun damage, after the number of Wounds have been determined but before applying the level
modifiers, reduce the weapon’s damage by two Wound levels, with a minimum level of Stunned. The character also goes unconscious for a number of minutes equal to the difference between the resistance total and the damage total.
Equipment that does stun damage only has no effect on inanimate, nonelectrical objects, though it does tend to disrupt electrical components.

Negative Damage Resistance Total

It is possible for the Damage Resistance Total to be a negative number. Metaphysical feedback, Disadvantages, poisons, and sickness can all contribute negative modifiers that might take the Damage Resistance Total below zero. In this case, the character’s body is working against him, compounding the additional damage done. Gamemasters have three options for handling this:

  1. They may use the negative damage resistance total as a positive bonus to all difficulties until the character is healed.
  2. They may have the negative damage resistance total add positively to the amount of injury caused. This is a good method for simulating gritty adventures, as well as a way of getting low-level gamemaster’s characters out of the way.
  3. Have the damage resistance total equal zero. This last way works best for adventures of the comic book or action flick types.

Massive Damage Option

If a character incurs two Wound levels within a single round, not only do the normal modifiers for the greatest level apply, the character also can do nothing but defend or run away on the next two rounds.

In either of these rounds, the character may make an Easy stamina or willpower attempt, as an action, to try to recover from the blow and shake off the penalty. If this is declared as a multi-action for the round, then the character takes the multi-action penalty. If not, and the stamina or willpower roll is successful, the character may act as normal in the next round.

Killing Blow Option

An attack or series of attacks can cause enough injury that the target may never recover from the harm except through metaphysical or other extraordinary or supernatural measures. Called a killing blow, targets with Body Points must take a damage total equal to 91% of the character’s maximum Body Points in one blow or 100% of the character’s maximum Body Points in a single round. With Wound Levels, the killing blow entails a Mortally Wounded result with one blow or gaining the Dead level in a single round. In either case, use the damage total after subtracting the damage resistance total to determine whether the attack delivered a killing blow. When the target receives a killing blow, he immediately dies.

Other Conditions


Due to the stress of the situation, make a Stamina: Fortitude roll or or be Stunned from fatigue.


The character that is stymied loses their Wild-Die re-roll during any action until the effect is relieved or removed. If they roll the dice and gets a six on the Wild Die, they cannot re-roll. This counts for all Character points spent as well.


Characters may not Fate or Character spend points, and they receive a +1 difficulty modifier to even simple actions. Duration is usually based on the source of the confusion.

Natural Healing

A character can heal naturally, but this process is slow. The character must rest a specified amount of time and then can make a natural healing roll – roll the character’s full Stamina and find the result on the chart related to the character’s current Wound level to see if the character heals.

Level of WoundRest Period
Stunned*1 minute
Wounded3 Days per Wound
Incapacitated2 weeks
Mortally Wounded5 weeks
Rest Period

Healing characters can do virtually nothing but rest. Characters who try to work, exercise, or adventure must subtract 1D from their Stamina when they makes their natural healing roll. Any character who opts to take it easy and do virtually nothing for twice the necessary time may add 1D to the Stamina roll to heal.

WoundsNatural Healing
StunnedA stunned wound is automatically recovered after one minute (12 rounds) of complete rest.
Wounded or moreRoll Stamina after the designated Rest period (see below)
Wounds Healing
Stamina RollHealing Result
Critical FailureCharacter worsens to the more sever condition.
FailCharacter remains at the Wound level he was.
1 SuccessCharacter is heals to the next level. If the character had one Wound, they are fully healed with this success, etc.
2+ SuccessesCharacter has a miraculous comeback and is healed two levels. If the character had two Wounds, he then is fully healed after 2+ successes. If the character has 3 Wounds, he heals to 1 Wound. Note extra successes can not heal any additional wounds.
Stamina Healing Roll


Characters can heal others or themselves with some basic field procedures for treating wounds. Such attempts don’t require a medical kit. Simply roll Medicine to treat wounds in the field, and find the results on the Assisted Healing chart.

A successful roll heals the character up one level: for instance, a successful medicine roll on someone who’s Wounded would bring him back to Stunned. A character using a medical kit may add its bonus to the roll.

Injury LevelMedicine Difficulty
Stunned, unconsciousVery Easy (0)
Wound+1 per Wound
Assisted Healing (Medicine Check)