07.01 Rd6 Gear: General

07.01 Rd6 Gear: General

Version 1.0


Gear Basic Table

Fantasy/Modern/Sci-fi Fantasy/Modern/Sci-fi
ItemAvailabilityPrice Difficulty (PD)Minimum Tech Level (TL)
Alarm clockN/A/A-/0/05
Archaeologist’s kitU/U/U2/1/14
Art suppliesC/A/A1/0/04
Basket, wovenC/A/A1/0/02
Basic clothingA/A/A1/1/12
Basic field rationsA/A/A1/1/12
Brazier, portable bronzeC/A/A2/0/02
Bucket, woodenC/A/A1/0/02
Camera, BasicN/C/C-/1/15
Chest, small woodenC/A/A2/1/02
Climbing GearC/A/A2/1/13
Duct tape, 10 metersN/C/A-/1/05
Duffel bagU/C/A2/1/04
Enviro-suit N/N/C-/-/27
Forensics kitN/U/U-/1/15
Field radioN/C/C-/1/15
First-aid kit/Healer packC/C/C1/1/14
Fishing gearC/A/A1/0/03
Flashlight, largeN/C/A-/1/05
Gas maskN/C/C-/1/15
Gas stoveN/C/C-/1/15
Geiger counterN/U/U-/2/26
Grappling hook/Rope (50m)C/A/A1/1/02
Hand CompN/U/C-/1/06
Hand ScannerN/N/C-/-/27
Holo-vid Player N/N/C-/-/17
Holy symbol, silver unblessedC/C/C2/1/12
Kerosene heaterN/C/C-/1/15
Lodging (Inn/Motel/Hotel)C/C/C1/1/12
Movie/Video CameraN/C/C-/1/15
PDA/Smart Phone/TabletN/C/C-/2/16
Pouch, large leatherA/A/A1/0/02
Quick-draw holsterN/C/C-/1/15
Radio, portableN/C/C-/1/15
Rifle scopeN/C/C-/1/15
Rope (50m or 150ft)A/A/A0/0/02
Shovel/Pick/Large Hand ToolsA/A/A1/0/02
Signal locatorN/U/U-/3/35
Spikes, Iron C/C/C1/0/02
Steamer trunkU/C/C2/1/04
Survival GearC/C/C1/1/12
Tape recorderN/A/A-/1/05
Tool kit, Carpenter/Wood WorkerC/A/A2/1/14
Tool kit, ConstructionU/A/A3/1/13
Tool kits, CookingA/A/A0/0/02
Tool Kit, DisguiseR/C/C3/1/14
Tool kit, ElectricianN/C/C-/1/15
Tool kit, LockpickingU/U/U1/1/14
Tool Kit, MakeupC/C/C 3/1/1 3
Tool kit, Mechanic R/C/C3/2/14
Tool kit, Writing/ForgeryA/A/A0/0/02
Tracking deviceN/C/C-/2/25
Trinkets (Marbles, small bells)A/A/A0/0/02
A = Always Available / C = common / U = uncommon/ R= rare / N = not available

Each is listed for the individual setting. Just know that you are buying that piece of equipment of the appropriate quality for that setting. The sci-fi blanket is completely different from a fantasy blanket.

Gear Sortable Table

ItemAvailability (Fantasy/Modern/Sci-fi)Price Difficulty (PD)(Fantasy/Modern/Sci-fi) Minimum Tech Level (TL)
Alarm clockN/A/A-/0/0TL5
Archaeologist’s kitU/U/U2/1/1TL4
Art suppliesC/A/A1/0/0TL4
Basket, wovenC/A/A1/0/0TL2
Basic clothingA/A/A1/1/1TL2
Basic field rationsA/A/A1/1/1TL2
Brazier, portable bronzeC/A/A2/0/0TL2
Bucket, woodenC/A/A1/0/0TL2
Camera, BasicN/C/C-/1/1TL5
Chest, small woodenC/A/A2/1/0TL2
Climbing GearC/A/A2/1/1TL3
Duct tape, 10 metersN/C/A-/1/0TL5
Duffel bagU/C/A2/1/0TL4
Enviro-suit N/N/C-/-/2TL7
Forensics kitN/U/U-/1/1TL5
Field radioN/C/C-/1/1TL5
First-aid kit/Healer packC/C/C1/1/1TL4
Fishing gearC/A/A1/0/0TL3
Flashlight, largeN/C/A-/1/0TL5
Gas maskN/C/C-/1/1TL5
Gas stoveN/C/C-/1/1TL5
Geiger counterN/U/U-/2/2TL6
Grappling hook/Rope (50m)C/A/A1/1/0TL2
Hand CompN/U/C-/1/0TL6
Hand ScannerN/N/C-/-/2TL7
Holo-vid Player N/N/C-/-/1TL7
Holy symbol, silver unblessedC/C/C2/1/1TL2
Kerosene heaterN/C/C-/1/1TL5
Lodging (Inn/Motel/Hotel)C/C/C1/1/1TL2
Movie/Video CameraN/C/C-/1/1TL5
PDA/Smart Phone/TabletN/C/C-/2/1TL6
Pouch, large leatherA/A/A1/0/0TL2
Quick-draw holsterN/C/C-/1/1TL5
Radio, portableN/C/C-/1/1TL5
Rifle scopeN/C/C-/1/1TL5
Rope (50m or 150ft)A/A/A0/0/0TL2
Shovel/Pick/Large Hand ToolsA/A/A1/0/0TL2
Signal locatorN/U/U-/3/3TL5
Spikes, Iron C/C/C1/0/0TL2
Steamer trunkU/C/C2/1/0TL4
Survival GearC/C/C1/1/1TL2
Tape recorderN/A/A-/1/0TL5
Tool kit, Carpenter/Wood WorkerC/A/A2/1/1TL4
Tool kit, ConstructionU/A/A3/1/1TL3
Tool kits, CookingA/A/A0/0/0TL2
Tool Kit, DisguiseR/C/C3/1/1TL4
Tool kit, ElectricianN/C/C-/1/1TL5
Tool kit, LockpickingU/U/U1/1/1TL4
Tool Kit, MakeupC/C/C 3/1/1 TL3
Tool kit, Mechanic R/C/C3/2/1TL4
Tool kit, Writing/ForgeryA/A/A0/0/0TL2
Tracking deviceN/C/C-/2/2TL5
Trinkets (Marbles, small bells)A/A/A0/0/0TL2


+1D bonus to sight-based rolls for viewing objects beyond two meters in the daylight only.

Climbing Gear

Iron Spikes/Piton/Rope. +1D bonus to climbing attempts; Each spike can inflict Strength Damage +1.


The standard unit of communication equipment, comlinks come in a number of different forms. The most common is the headset, which has an effective range of 10 kilometers and is widely available on the open market. More advance comlinks can be implanted sub-dermally. Military comlinks have a greater range (approximately 25 kilometers), and are frequently belt units or built into enviro-suit helmets, to allow the soldier to keep her hands free for combat. Many high-tech worlds feature communications satellites that allow comlink signals to reach anywhere on the planet.


A small plastic card that, when placed in a cred-key receiver, can perform all banking functions. Cred-keys are used by virtually all high-tech worlds, though not all worlds have compatible banking systems. Many frontier worlds do not have the equipment necessary to read the cards and so will only accept hard currency.

Standard cred-keys contain the name of the bearer and a personal identification number. Megacorporate-issued cred-keys usually feature the name of the firm and a code for it as well. Military officers, who may have extensive credit limits owing to their status, carry cards with their DNA pattern encoded on them for ease of identification.

Cred-keys are not common on worlds with extensive smuggling, piracy, or other criminal activities — they are too hard to steal and use. A character must be able to generate a forgery, a personal equipment repair, and a computer interface/repair skill total of at least 21 each to forge or strip a civilian cred-key. (Military and megacorp keys are harder to do this to.) Even then, decent detection equipment (not usually found in stores and bars, but common in banks and large-purchase retail outlets) will probably be able to detect the forgery.


+1D bonus to prying attempts, or does Strength Damage +2 in damage with bashing attacks.

Duct Tape

Duct tape can hold about 90 kilograms (depending on how well it’s secured to something else) and has a damage resistance total of 10.


The basic environmental protection gear for space travelers, the enviro-suit is designed for use in hostile climates or worlds whose atmosphere is unsafe. The envirosuit features a helmet and full body suit (the helmet is detachable). Air
is recycled by the mechanisms in the suit and bodily moisture is also filtered, to be stored in pouches inside the suit. Straws run up the suit and into the helmet to allow the user to take a drink.

Enviro-suits commonly have comlink units built into the helmet and the belt. A small indicator light in the helmet flashes when in the presence of another comlink trained to the same frequency. An enviro-suit maintains a constant temperature around its wearer that can be adjusted via controls on the belt.

A standard enviro-suit offers only a single layer of protection (Armor Value +1), which, if torn or pierced, renders the entire suit inoperative. More expensive suits offer two layers of protection, with a liquid sealant stored between the interior and the exterior. Damage done to the exterior layer can be sealed within one round (Armor Value +2). However, extensive damage rapidly exhausts the supply of sealant. (The average outfit comes with enough sealant to repair 20 small tears or 10 large ones.)

Enviro-suits can hold enough air, food, and recycled water for several days to several weeks of use; about two weeks is standard. They can be refilled off of shipboard supplies (deducting the life support from the ship’s life support) or they can be refilled at stations and similar places for 10% of the base cost of the suit. Cost of suit: Moderate.


A large flashlights reduces darkness modifiers by 2D in a cone-shaped area up to five meters from the user.

Gas Mask

When worn, the gas mask provides a +2D to stamina rolls against gas attacks or negates up to 1D in relevant modifiers. (Use the game mechanic appropriate for the situation.)

Grappling Hook/Rope

+1D bonus to climbing attempts. The hook can inflict Strength Damage +1 in damage.


Requires the key or a Moderate lockpicking roll to remove; damage resistance total 15. Key comes with purchase of handcuffs.

Hand Comp

Portable and easy to use, hand computers feature rapid processing power, including high quantities of high-speed memory and high capacity, multifunctional chip drives. Most come with a port for connection to a neural jack, as well as cable interfaces for connecting to larger terminals. Smaller computers have slots for a few scholarchips, while larger ones have room for several.

Hand Scanner

A portable sensor device, the hand scanner has an effective range of 10 kilometers. It can be set to pick up motion, particular types of matter, and even indications of power generation. They are standard equipment for scouts and are frequently used by miners. Use of a scanner provides a +1D to appropriate Devices skill. Most hand scanners can only be blocked by cover over three solid meters thick (several thick concrete walls or the bulkhead of a ship will usually
block scanner readings, but only the most dense of forests or jungles will have any effect at all).

Holo-vid Player

This device provides holographic images drawn from data chips for entertainment or informational purposes. Holovids
can also be connected to comlinks to provide for audio and visual contact between parties. Some holo-vids have the capability to jack into hand computers, projecting the information on scholarchips out for all to read.

Lockpicking Tools

+1D bonus to lockpicking attempts only if the user has the lockpicking skill.

First-aid Kit/Healer’s Pack

A small kit adds a +1 bonus to five to 10 medicine attempts, depending on how much material is used. A larger one costs a few difficulty points more and adds 1D to two to five medicine attempts, again, depending on the contents used.

Healer’s Pack: A small kit of soothing herbs and clean cloth strips adds a +1 bonus to three to six healing attempts, depending on how much material is used.

Quick-draw Holster

A favorite among gunslingers, the spring-loaded quick-draw holster is only available for Small to Medium handguns or melee weapons. With this holster, drawing the weapon does not count as an action, so characters may perform it in the same turn as using the weapon without penalty. In addition, when the character engages in a quick-draw contest, she can add 1D to her initiative. It does not provide any special initiative bonus during normal combat.

Rifle Scope

Attaches to a rifle and allows the user to magnify the target, thus increasing the accuracy at greater ranges. Adds 2 to marksmanship rolls for attempts at Medium or Long range. Must spend one round aiming in order to gain benefit.


Rope comes in a wide variety of types – Heavy (Hemp), Rope, Light (Cotton or silk). Light inflicts Strength Damage +1 when used in choking attacks and Heavy inflict Strength Damage +2; Damage resistance total 3 for Light and 5 for Heavy.


Computer chips intended for use with both hand units and larger terminals. These contain available information on sectors, planets, some alien species, equipment, ships, personal data, business transactions, and so on. Use of a computer with a standard scholarchip in place allows the operator to roll as if he possessed a Intellect: Scholar in the subject detailed on the chip. Of course, the broader the range of information, and the more encrypted it is, the harder it is to get at what the character needs. Cost is for 1D in the subject. Every addition 3D in a subject increases the Price Difficuty by 1.

Shovel/Pick/Large Hand tools

+1D bonus to digging attempts, or does Strength Damage +2 in damage with bashing attacks.

Survival Gear

Modern and higher packs includes a pith helmet, insect repellent, matches, small first aid kit, and mosquito netting in a small knapsack. Provides a +2 to Survival checks. Lower tech packs have the equivalent for their setting.

Signal Locator

This device, which has a restricted distribution, monitors the signals of tracking devices. It includes a small display to show direction of movement. Pricier ones can pinpoint the location on a map or tie into planetary GPS systems.

Spikes, Iron

+1D bonus to climbing attempts when several are used; requires a Strength: Althletics – Lifting of 3D or more to insert them into crevices without a hammer. Each spike can inflect Strength Damage +1.


Adds 2D to vision-based search rolls, though the user must take one round (and getting no preparation bonus) to focus the telescope.


Useful gear when traveling in a wilderness area, thermo-disks are spheroid plasticene items, roughly the size of the average Human’s fist. They contain storage batteries that, when switched on, give off heat in a 25-meter radius. As they do not provide light, they can be used in hostile areas without betraying of one’s presence.

Tool Kits

Contains tool (and possibly parts or storage containers) necessary for accomplishing basic related tasks. Adds +1D to relevant skill attempts only if the user has the appropriate skill (usually Craft/Repair or tech, but Investigation in the case of an Investigation or a Scholar shill with an archaeologist kit).


A small, lit fire-torch has damage of 3D per round after the first when held in contact with a flammable surface for more than one round. A lit torch negates up to 4D (12) in darkness modifiers within several meters of the user.

Tracking Device

Used with a signal locator, this miniature transmitter electronically signals the location of whatever it’s attached to over a distance. Active devices emit a signal, while passive ones wait for a signal to come to it before sending out a response.


A small, lit torch has a damage of 3D per round after the first when held in contact with a flammable surface for more than one round. A lit torch negates up to 4D in darkness modifiers within several meters of the user.