1.01: So it Begins

1.01: So it Begins

DS Day 1-4

Where: Leaving Kal’Shebbol enroute to Brolsam

The Farstar embarked on its mission from Kal’Shebbol. The search for Sarne and his mysterious Darkstryder technology is underway. They set course to Brolsam by orders of their captain. In the journey, they discovered two stowaways… two Squib brothers living in the air-ways and ducts of the ship. They claimed to know of certain booby-traps left behind by Sarne. The Captain chose to assign a crew member to them, and chose rather aptly… Kl’aal. The only crew member that would not have any qualms about eating them.

The crew spent time getting used to their new surroundings. The ship proved to be the tin-can that the engineers were calling it. Droids also seemed to be showing problems. Many mystery bugs were showing their ugly heads, and kept all the techs busy for their entire duty-shifts.

On their journey, they also discovered that the ship was not quite space-worthy. They lost their hyperdrive on their first jump. Light years from anywhere, they were stranded until Loffryyn could get it fixed. Meanwhile, as per standard sub-light procedure, patrols were launched. They found an anomaly a few thousand kilometers out; a small cropping of asteroids. They first detected a short burst, very faint distress signal from the middle of the asteroids. Sensors detected a sudden burst of hyperspace disturbance within the grouping, followed by indication that something very small had come through and was now in the middle of the asteroids. Some kind of gravitational point formed in the center of the asteroid cropping, which started pulling the rocks towards it, but suddenly reversed in an explosion of asteroid material. The subsequent asteroid barrage nearly destroyed the patrol, if it wasn’t for the skilled piloting of Farstar’s best.

The graviton burst also damaged the Farstar which slowed the repairs on the hyperdrive. After over 24 hours worth of work, the Farstar finally was reasonably space-worthy. They were readying for hyperspace when they received a subspace message… it was very broken up…

“This is the Kolatil Council…. all New Republic forces please send assistance immediately. After imprisoning the Imperial governor we have been attacked by Tie Bombers. ….Domaz, our capital, is in flames. …Please send emergency medical assistance.”

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