1.03: Task at Hand – The Search For Thanaks Begins

1.03: Task at Hand – The Search For Thanaks Begins

Day 6-10 (After ANH)

The First Crew to take on the Black Sands

Where: Socorro, City Vakeyya

After winning employment from Mal Biron, he first assigns the group to a local opportunity involving a contact that has gone missing – a Squib slicer named Thanaks. The search leads them deeper into the politics of Socorro.

More than 40 people have gone missing with in the slums’ of City Vakeyya in the past few weeks, including Thanaks and a group he was working with. The Thanak’s group appeared to have been killed by a disruptor, but evidence showed that the deaths were faked. Why their deaths were faked and the rest were simply kidnapped were unclear, but it probably had to do with each member’s association with each of the major factions of Socorro.

Aquato Boliscon also asks for a favor from the group, helping him find a missing ship that might have crashed in the middle of the desert.

The party is attacked by a Kabrak assassin, after which Diego and Oola both are captured.