1.06: Lying Low – Rescue in the Desert

1.06: Lying Low – Rescue in the Desert

Day 18-21 (After ANH) 

The First Crew to take on the Black Sands

Where: Socorro, Black Sand Badlands – Bharhulai Regions

After the success of the trap and the prisoners handed over to Biron, the party sets out the desert to assist Boliscon in finding his missing ship. They find it deep within Bharhulai territory, and end up more than they are prepared to deal with. However, they have a hidden guardian Kel’Dor watching from the dunes.

Sahri and Oola investigate further into the mysterious assassin, Ames Xarameer and her very lethal Disuptor weapon. They are lead to a secret club run by the only Hutt on Socorro, Tiranga The Hutt, Hutt-exile and local tax and fees collector for the Black Bha’Lir. It appears that this Hutt may have deals outside of the relationship with the Black Bha’lir, some of which the secret smuggler guild probably would not approve of.

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