1.07: Lying Low – Desert Winds of War

1.07: Lying Low – Desert Winds of War

Day 22-26 (After ANH)

The First Crew to take on the Black Sands

Where: Socorro, Black Sand Badlands – Bharhulai Regions

Sahri’s investigation leads him to find an old acquaintance who should be dead. An attempt to confront him leads him into a trap and he later wakes up in a cage with the other party members, in a Tra’cor pit.

With most of the party capture by the barbaric tribe, the Bharhulai, Droo sets out to rescue them. He free them from a Tra’cor pit, but in doing discover a dark plan to take out the Boliscon towers and destroy the only Starport on Socorro, and in doing, starting a war between the tribes and the Socorran Colonists.

The group hatches a plan to stop their evil plot.

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