1.07: Tanquilla Beach

1.07: Tanquilla Beach

DS Day 43-65

Where: Tanquilla Beach Station

The Farstar was badly damaged. The Casualties were mounting. 15 dead, more than 20 wounded with radiation burns. Engineering could not be accessed with out a protective suit. Loffryyn was in critical condition, with his left leg and arm amputated. He sat suspended in Bacta for days, with most of his fur singed off. Brophar was running around chaotically to make up for Loffryyn absence. The back-up hyperdrive was still off-line, and it looked like at least 12 hours of work for Brophar and the surviving engineers. There was going to be a long dry-dock period when they got to Tanquilla Beach.

No one was sure the exact location of Tanquilla Beach, but Loh’Khar, Gorak, and Colonel Heget all were sure that this was the only place that the Farstar could get the repairs it needed. The Colonel mentioned a man named Spang on the station that was the best in the sector. However, they had to get there first.

They remained in orbit around Shin’Res IV, the outer most planet in the Shin’Res system (system to Shintel). A salvage team was sent down to the surface to recover anything of use from the Steel Fist’s wreckage. Little recoverable, but most of what was, Unda, Gunthar, and a few other loaded up on the assault shuttle and brought it onboard. Before they could finish, a sink opened beneath the wreckage, and engulfed it. Some parts were useful in repairing the backup-hyperdrive.

While waiting for the backup to be repaired, Gorak asked permission from the Captain to interrogate the bounty-hunter prisoners. The Captain permitted it and told Gorak “Get the information however you can, but I don’t want to know how you do it. Just keep them alive…” That left Gorak a lot of room to play with.

From the interrogation, Gorak was able to determine that they were hired by Sarne, to harass and survey the Farstar, and report back to Sarne. They were able to track the Farstar using a hidden signal that Sarne supplied the frequency for. This signal apparently has been transmitting from the Farstar since it left Kal’Shebbol. The prisoners did not give up this information easily, and all three spent the rest of their stay in medical recovering from Gorak’s attempts at persuasion, under tight security. Kolig himself was near death with a nail shot from a nail-gun into his intestines.

“He shouldn’t have called me all those nasty names”, Gorak said in his report.


With the information that was supplied by Colonel Heget about the Darkstryder “spinal spikes”, Dr. Akenseh ordered a physical for all available crew, claiming that the radiation leaks from the hyperdrive engine justified them. During these physicals, the doctor checked for any “spinal-spikes” on any of the crew. He found interesting readings from Dr. Hasslock, who said he had a prior experience with a what he suspected was a Darkstryder-derived bio-weapon when he was with a Rebels cell. The readings suggested that the field scientist, when near Darkstryder, had high neural activity in parts of his brain; the same brain area the telepathy is said to originate. He noted the test results in his personal logs, but wanted to watch it before he reported it to the captain. She had enough to worry about, and he wanted to know more about it. He had two “spinal-spiked” Imperials, so it was a matter of time, research and material, and maybe he could synthesize the effect.

It occurred to Dr. Akenseh that he remembers working on a bio-agent similar to what was in Hasslock’s blood stream, back when he was enslaved by the Moff.

The Doctor, after stabilizing a majority of the injured, got a report from a droid assessing the medical inventory. Apparently the droid discovered a missing cyanide pill in his stock. Akenseh checked his security scan logs for anything suspicious. He watched a vid-cam recording of both Gorak and Jessa Dajus both in the same area, close enough to the restricted-drug cabinet to have perhaps lifted the pill. They were both there when the doctor was running a routine physical on the prisoner, Lord Comark – the same prisoner that died of cyanide poisoning a day earlier. He immediately reported this to the captain.

The captain was struggling with the amount of dead and injured. Was there something I could have done?... She could hear Captain Ciro’s voice…“Forget about it. It’s war, and their blood is on Sarne’s hands. Make him pay for it.” She knew that the computer system trap-doors were something that Sarne left behind. Evidence of his paranoia. He even thought that a little Corellian corvette could be a threat to him if it got in the his enemies hands.

The Doctor walked into her office, and usually when he does, he had bad news… casualty reports, psychology profiles telling her the mission is too stressful for the crew, things like that. What the Mon Calamari reported wasn’t good news either, but it definitely was something new and something very disconcerting. Gorak or Dajus could be a traitor. The evidence was not clear, but one of the two apparently arranged for the death of the prisoner Comark…. A man essential for his knowledge of Darkstryder. She expressed a strong warning to Gorak, even though his story seemed to add up. The Rodian claimed that he at times took cyanide with him on missions to protect the Farstar’s mission. He had to resort to stealing because he figured the doctor would not be too forthwith in allowing him to carry cyanide with him. This did not satisfy the captain, but she had no choice. The crew was thin, and she needed every able-sentient on duty. At least until she had an opportunity to investigate it further. She knew this rag-tag crew was bringing more luggage than she liked.

The NR Intel reports from Kal’Shebbol were coming in, and one discouraged her most of all. The New Republic had dedicated a large portion of the Kathol fleet to a battle for Oon Tien. Knowing how unpredictable Sarne was, she was afraid this was a foolish tactic. As the report read, it was.



Report 10014:A: Alpha – Date: DS 042

Report from Oon Tien

Battle for Oon Tien Update

The first offensive did not go well. The Imperials have several modified IPV-1 System Patrol ships, and at least 3 Strike Cruisers. All seem to be modified to enable them to make incredibly short micro-hyper jumps, to bring their ships within a few hundred meters of our ships, send a devastating volley of powerful blaster fire, then micro-jump again out of range. Their weapons also seemed modified somehow, because the energy behind the blaster and laser fire measured off the normal scales for blaster and laser fire. The Imperial tactics proved very difficult to counter. The first strike withdrew after 50% to 60% losses. We are requesting more ships from the Minos Cluster for assistance. They should be rendezvous at Gandle Ott in a few days.

The Farstar must remain on coarse. Any suggestions they might have for tactics would be helpful.



She called a command crew meeting to discuss any advice they could pass on to the Fleet at Onn Tien. They came up with several tactics, including one which uses the storms around the gas giants. If this was part of Sarne’s plot, it was ironic they were using it against his own forces. ( See NRS Farstar communiqu? To NR Fleet at Oon Tien)

Another report told her about the gate on Aaris that Bifzik and Gorak found and subsequently destroyed. It was a Gree Hypergate. What was the Gree doing in Kathol? One of the Farstar’s pilot’s, Trev Haynor had an up close experience with them at one time, and he assured that they will be visiting Kathol again “to sanitize the sector of their ancient technology…” If they can’t maintain and keep their technology secret, they allow no one to learn from it.

The final reports told the captain what she already knew, for the most part. The New Republic knew very little about Project Storm Giant and the Coming of the Prophet.

Lt. Jessa Dajus, with the little knowledge she had of Darkstryder and the new knowledge of the “spinal-spikes”, was worried what Sarne might have done to her during her time with him. When the doctor checked her out during the physicals, she was surprised but relieved he found nothing. But something told her that she was special. The nightmare she had that night increased this suspicion. The first opportunity alone she had, she grabbed a med-scanner, and adjusted the parameters slightly different from the data obtained from the “spinal-spikes”, but still with in a range that still could be considered Darkstryder-like. The confirmation tone from the scanner made her heart stop. What had Sarne done to me!!?? The data screen displayed a pebble-size device on the nape of her neck, implanted inside one vertebrae. She had to decide whether to tell the captain or not. Now wasn’t the time.


The backup hyperdrive finally was brought back-online, and the radiation had been vented out of engineering. Gorjaye recalled the patrols, and the ship prepped for jump. Thyte preflighted the nav-comps, with several back-up jump routes just in case with Tanquilla Beach wasn’t a space station but a Star Destroyer. It took them 12-times the normal jump time to get to Tanquilla Beach, using the back-up hyperdrive they acquired on Aaris. About 11 days into the slow-hyperjump, the backup failed under the strain. Brophar bellowed aloud in frustration, his curses resonating through-out the hull. He cursed Loffryyn for insisting on being such a hands-on lead-engineer, instead of the lead-engineer that sits in his office and lets the other engineers do his job. If he was that kind of engineer, maybe he’d still be here instead of in a medical bed with one arm and one leg… but then again, if he was like that, they probably would never had gotten this far. The question is, Is that a good thing..?


They sat on the edges of a vast nebula, swirling with a conglomerate of colors and debris. They called this the Wastes. They could see why. Sensors were near useless in the swirl of EM activity coming from the Wastes. All they could do is transmit and use maneuver jets to slowly navigate forward. After several hours of searching, a garbled transmission came back…

“Attention incoming vessel. You have entered a restricted area of space. You will broadcast your electronic and visual ID, and statement of intent on frequency 934A-3B. Please, maintain your present course until further notification. You are being tracked by our main batteries.”

The transmission identified the origin as being Tanquilla Beach station, the shadowport on the edge of the Wastes. If this was the edge, I’d hate to see the inner core, Thyte thought as he tried to locate the station on sensors using the transmission as a point of origin. They were transmitted proper coordinates, and charged 1000 cr. Per day for parking orbit around the station. 1000!!!?? For parking orbit!!??? Thyte and the captain were not pleased. They approached the shadowport with extreme caution, as they saw that the station was huge and well armed. Other ships were docked and in orbit, including a damaged Imperial System Patrol ship, fresh from the Minos Cluster battle. The magistrate was adamant in expressing that the Beach was a neutral station to all politics, and everyone is expected to observe that neutrality while on station.

The Captain and her command crew were invited personally to the station commanders quarters for dinner, once the word got to him that the New Republic was coming on-board. His name was Bequesh, but people called him “The Cardinal” because the rumor was that he was once with the Church, and now hides out from them on the Beach. The command crew made plans for the next evening for a formal meeting of the commander of Tanquilla Beach. Thyte protested, but the Captain insisted.

Shore-leave was staggered, but many were relieved to get off the Farstar, even if it was just to go to a space station. Tanquilla Beach proved to be a bazaar of the underworld; slave traders, pit-fighters, bounty hunters, and crime bosses all came through here. There was a station law that it was a place for neutrality, and the made the Farstar crew swear that even if “Sarne were to pass through here, you will leave him be…” Even the underground knows who the Farstar is after. Loh’Khar wasn’t surprised.

Colonel Heget and his men gave their thanks and good-byes, and disappeared into the crowd looking for anyone that could help him get his men off Shintel.

Gorak and Loh’Khar both had strong contacts on-board the station, and pursued opportunities with them. Meanwhile, Dervious was approached by his old friend Clarke again, who he met in an unnamed “wretched hive of scum and villainy…”…

“I hear that you’re command staff has a dinner date with the Cardinal himself… I want in. I have a few questions for his eminence. Arrange for me to be a command crew of the Farstar for this dinner.” Clarke thought that maybe the Cardinal might know something about this “Coming of the Prophet”. Clarke was sure it was related to why Tremayne was here in the sector. “If dragons failed him, he might be begging some prophets for power…”

tremayne clarke
Tremayne Clarke

Dervious felt confident that he could persuade the Captain, and the Captain used the opportunity to leave Thyte in charge of the bridge while the were at dinner. That pleased the grumpy bridge officer.


Brophar was directed by station command to Spang’s shop, where he met Spang himself and his daughter Fia. He had heard about Spang, and the rumors he was once an Imperial engineer for some the Empires most prized R&D projects stations, including the Arch Hammer. Upon meeting the gruff old man, he could never imagine the man in an Imperial engineers uniform. Brophar dropped the data pad of damage assessments in front of the man, and he shrugged. “I’m busy with the Cardinal’s personal assault yacht… I’m afraid it’ll be a month before I can get to it. I have the hyperdrive systems you need, but don’t have the time… It’s be 50,000 cr., if you are willing to wait.

“For the computer problems, you need to see a guy named Drake on Pembric II. He knows the best slicers on Pembric II, some who used to work for Sarne himself.”

This was unacceptable. Despite his expressions of urgency, Brophar could not change the engineer’s mind. A young voice from behind an old Y-wing hyperdrive motivator piped “What about me daddy? I can do it, with your secondary team of droids…” This girl could not be a day over 16 standard years.

Brophar raised an eye-brow in doubt. “I taught her everything I know. She’s good, don’t under estimate her.” he heard the engineer say.

She took the data pad..“Two weeks. I’m going to need the specs for the coil mounting assembly, any specs on modifications done to the hyperspace field dampening resonance, plus complete access to primary and secondary engineering. I need you nav-comp version number and operating system parameters…. “ Brophar struggled to keep up with her. “… and I can even do it for 45,000 cr….” she smiled. Brophar was impressed.



Gunthar was wondering about on the station, when he saw something he thought he would never see… others of his own race. They were in a pit-fight down new the Lock, the cavernous cargo bay of the Beach. Something burned deep inside his primitive heart… rage. They were enslaved in the pit-fighting ring of Tanquilla Beach, and with help, he would free them. He went to Qesya Vth’Naar the Sludir Warrior for help. Almost a mother to the sometimes-naïve Gunthar, the Sludir female accepted the request. They both knew what it was like to be enslaved.

They ambushed the pit-fighting slavers after the slavers had been through a session of brutal pit-fighting. They were all too tired and fell quickly to the melee blows of the two aliens. They freed the small group of slaves. Gunthar comforted the frightened creatures, and offered them a place on the Farstar. They graciously accepted, and he lead the to the shuttle bay. They couldn’t stay on board the Beach, too dangerous.

As Gunthar brought them to the shuttle bay, the two freed slaves gasped at what they saw and ran off. Gunthar turned towards the bay to see the command crew unloading off the shuttle. He was confused. What had scared them off? He ran after them to find out. When he caught them, he insistently requested an explanation. “The one that sold us… the slaver that sold us. He is with you. The green one that sold us…” This enraged Gunthar. He made plans to confront the Rodian after he returned from the dinner with the Cardinal.


The command crew did not trust this man calling himself Clarke. He was to pose as the bridge officer of the Farstar all of the sudden, and they were act like it. Clarke told this story of high Inquisitor Tremayne and supposed death. He had gotten information that the re-arising Tremayne name is related to the Coming of the Prophet. He was concerned that this might be the real Tremayne or a clone, and he had to stop it. After a few moments of distrust and awkwardness, the group agreed to allow it.

The dinner was extravagant and plentiful. It was the best food they had in months. The cardinal was a gracious host, only inquiring about the New Republic’s interests here. He expressed strongly that any information he gets from them remains with him, as was the case for anyone, including Sarne. He was not an info-merchant. This did not look good for Clarke. He pressed the old man for information about the Coming and it’s meaning. Before someone could stop him, the cardinal flared up and almost hit Clarke, despite the old man’s age and physical limitations. He gathered himself and calmed down and turned to the group.

“Apparently, Mr. Clarke here is desperate in finding out information about the Coming or the Arrival as some call it. Well, Since it’s Church information, I am willing to share…

“The Church has been buzzing with this event for centuries. They listen to the voices in the Sanctuary, which promise of the Coming of the Prophet, who will rule Kathol it his benevolence…

“Three hundred years ago, the Church was started when several explorers found some ancient devices on Gandle Ott. These devices, when used, miraculously brought one to an ancient alien fortress in the middle of what is now called the Kathol Rift. There, the voices are heard. This fortress came to be called the Sanctuary. And thus the birth of the Church of Kathol Prophets.

“The Coming is an event the voices promise will come one day, and at that time, the Great Prophet will rise to rule the galaxy, and all that follow him will he rewarded. This is what the majority of the Church atone… the majority but not all. There are those who listen to other more quiet voices… the Voices of the Light Prophets. We stand to between the Rift and the Darkness, we are the Church of the Light Prophets… we want to stop the Coming, because we know the truth, The prophet the majority listens to is dark and ancient. It is and ancient evil that is manipulating the Church and has been for centuries. They are resurrecting a dark force more powerful than the Emperor himself…”

“Resurrecting???” Clarke said inquisitively...”Do they need a vessel for this resurrection?”

“Yes, the ceremony of the Arrival calls for ‘worthy body’ to receive the Prophet.” the Cardinal shifted in his repulsor chair.

Could this be why Tremayne (or Tremayne’s body) is here? Clarke thought. He turned to Adrimetrum “Captain, I want to stop the Arrival, and I’ll need your help. I will follow along with you until our paths diverge. I’ll need a few of your people to help me stop this from happening, including Dervious. I’m sure your Sarne is involved in this in some way.”

The Storm Giant and Death-Hunter Project both were to be completed at the time of the “Coming of the Prophet”, according to Bifzik’s data recovered from Shintel and Cuthbert. This was the obvious tie in. She agreed to help Clarke in his endeavors.

“The nearest parish of the Church of the Light Prophets is on Galtea. Go there and you might have a way to get to the Sanctuary.” The Cardinal said in closing.

The dinner ended as it began; cordial and polite. Thanks were passed around and the command crew retired back to their ship to plan the mission ahead.

The Farstar was already going through the primarily procedures for repairs. Brophar and Fia were working together to get the Farstar up and running ahead of schedule.

The word got around that shore leave was going to be extended. The crew was told they had roughly two weeks to spend on this station. Most planned on taking advantage of it. The doctor with Loh’Khar help, set out to search for limb replacements for Loffryyn. Other planned to browse the vast markets and bazaars looking for the one piece of black-market merchandise that would make their arsenal complete. Samarion was on a mission to find a set of armor that would actually fit him. Dervious was looking to improve himself… cybernetically.


Upon his return from dinner, Gorak was confronted by Gunthar. He accused the Rodian of being a slaver, and Gorak stared back into the aliens face coldly. “I have been as loyal to the Farstar as you have. You should know where my loyalties lie. I don’t know anything about slaving.” he said.

“I’ll be watching you”, the huge alien barked back.

Soon after this conversation, Qesya Vth’Naar disappeared from the crew roster.


Jessa Dajus found herself wondering about the station at one point, during their stay. She was lost in thought, considering the strange and horrifying turn that her dreams have taken, and the presence of the “pebble” in her neck. Her hatred for Sarne grew with every step she took. She was sitting at another unnamed bar when a voice came up from behind her.

“Jessa Dajus. What brings you to this corner of the Sector? Didn’t think Sarne would send his most prized…”

Dajus got up to leave ignoring the voice. She recognized him as Lt. Sanronsan, a grunt from the Minos Cluster. He served under Sarne as part of the Moff’s attempts to tame the Cluster. Dajus had some dealing with this one in the past, and most were not pleasant. As she walked past him, she smelled the Corellian Brandy on him. This was going to get dangerous quick, if she didn’t leave soon. She couldn’t afford an embarrassment this late in the game.

“What is Moff Sarne’s personal concubine doing on a desolate station like the Beach? Has she had a falling out … of his bed.. Haa ha ha ah…” She hoped no Farstar crew was in that bar. It would be a shame to have to kill them.

Upon leaving, she spotted another Imperial enjoying in the revelry. She stopped and stared. It was Commander Bedral Lambross, one of Sarne’s cronies responsible for the massacre on Charis. What would House Shador do if they could get their hands on him? They were nearly wipe out as a result of the Charis incident. Lambross has the blood of thousands from House Shador on his hands. She had to contact someone.

She got aboard the Farstar during one the slower repair shifts, and got to the bridge communications station. She hoped that the nebula wouldn’t interfere with one quick encoded hyperwave message to House Shador on Gandle Ott. All she had to do is wait. It might take a few hours, but she had all the time in the world. With only the security droids to keep her company, she fell asleep on the darkened bridge… and had another dream.



SLAVE and Dervious were shopping in one of the 12 levels of the bazaar on Beach, when they were approached by a klatoonian that seemed to know SLAVE. His name was Fe’j Daw, and he used to work for Chuborro the Hutt, Kathol’s resident Hutt boss. The exchanged greetings, and Daw got right to the point. He needed their help. There was an air of paranoia and fatigue about him. He was disheveled and dirty, and looked like he had been hell.

“My boss, Nawnam, is willing to pay well within the 6 digits if you could provide him passage…”

Boss? Apparently he had a falling out with Chuborro. Who was this Nawnam? SLAVE directed him to Gorak, saying he had no authority to allow any new passengers on board. Gorak was reluctant until he heard the credits…

“6 digits? What do you want to get away from to pay that much?” Gorak asked.

“You will have to discuss that with my boss. He is hidden in the Lock, I know the way. Please follow.”


The journey to this “hiding place” was a treacherous one threw maintenance corridors, air-shafts, ventilation conduits, and sewer drainage pipes. The klatoonian apparently set up several booby-traps along the way. They stopped periodically to disarm those. When the reached a remote corner of the cargo area of the Beach – the Lock – there sat his boss, Nawnam, the Hutt. He was wounded, and not happy. F’ej Daw admitted to Gorak that people want them dead, and are hunting them down on behalf of Chuborro the Hutt. Nawnam attempted to kill Chuborro, and obviously failed. One of the most prominent bounty hunters in the Minos Cluster is after them,… the Twi’lek with One Tentacle.

Great“, Gorak rolled his eyes. “This better be worth it.” As it turned out, the Hutt was willing to pay 150,000 credits to get off the Beach… well worth it. The Farstar’s budget will increase by 100,000 cr. (“I had to keep some for myself”). He would approach the captain after he dealt with the bounty hunter prisoners. He was sure they had a bounty on there head too. He contacted an old Houk friend of his who worked for his former employer.

“I have some people that are wanted, I need to find out by who and how much are they willing to pay. I have Qulok’s Fist in my hold right now.”

“Well, Chuborro the Hutt himself wants them for 26,000 Cr. I can easily arrange the transaction…”

“Good, but don’t skim me this time. I know what you are doing with the organization’s treasury here…”

The Farstar was going to get a boost in it’s budget, which it needed badly.


Gorjaye, realizing that the Farstar was vulnerable and there was no guarantee that the guns of Tanquilla Beach would defend her if Sarne was to drop in, ordered regular X-Wing patrols in the near area around the station. With permission from the stations security force, the X-Wings patrolled along a predefined coarse. Tanquilla Beach had certain areas that they didn’t want patrolled, most of which were areas covered by automated laser battery systems. Sooni Nubera, Cobb Unsor, and Trev Haynor were on patrol late in their two week stay when they strayed off into the Wastes deeper than before. Sooni had picked up odd readings on his scanners and decided to get a little closer. A piece of space debris was not moving like the others, almost completely contrary to the others. He comm’ed to Gorjaye for permission to check it out. Unsor and Haynor groaned in exasperation. “What is this Sullustan getting us into now?”

It didn’t take long for Sooni and his wingmen to find out. The piece of debris suddenly morphed into an Imperial System Patrol Ship, and opened fire on the X-wings approaching. The fighters veered off, taking defensive maneuvers but not firing back. The sped towards the station, with the Imperial in pursuit. When they were with in range of the station’s weapons, the main batteries opened fire, and reduced the Imperial ship to vapors. The station also fired ion blasts at the X-Wings, disabling them. Over their Comlinks, they heard “Security Chief Hella Brun will see you after you are tugged to dock with your ship. You have violated the neutrality of Tanquilla Beach. Bring your Wing commander Gorjaye as well.”

The Security Chief was not pleased with the actions taken out in the nebula, accusing the Farstar patrol of provoking the Imperial ship. She even ignored the in-flight recording showing the ship firing first. She summarily raised the docking fees of the Farstar 50%. This did not please Captain Adrimetrum, who brought the issue up with the Cardinal. He sympathized with the Captain, and rescinded the order. He apologized for the inconvenience.


Jessa Dajus had received her communication from House Shador a few hours later, and was on her way to meet with her House Shador contact on Tanquilla Beach for the second time. The commination gave her the name of this man, and asked her to help them in capturing the Imperial to stand trial. They were willing to pay her for her help. In need of money, she decided to do what was against her best instinct; get involved. She had planned to just show him where Lambross was, and let the House Shador thugs handle it. Of course, that’s not how things worked out.

She was able escape the fray that ensued when Shador made it’s move, but she didn’t see Sanronsan when he turned the corner. It was amazing how bad a shot he was despite his training. Perhaps he was still drunk. She shot him coldly, saying “I’m no one concubine, scumbag…”

She was awarded 5000 cr. For her help, and a title in House Shador. She really didn’t know what to do with the title, but at least she might have someone to turn to when things fell apart on the Farstar, and she expected that to happen soon.


The Farstar lumbered away from the Tanquilla Beach station a new ship. The hyperdrives were expertly installed, and Loffryyn was back on his feet after receiving a new leg and arm. Brophar was relieved his friend was well, and that he could rest a while. The crew replenished it’s stores of food and other consumables, hired new crew from the crowds on board the Beach. Engineering was back on-line, and ships systems were working with in normal parameters. The captain was still not pleased. The were more trap-doors, and they had to be dealt with. A huge wounded renegade Hutt was in her hold, making thing difficult for her. She had members of her crew with hidden agendas. Everything wasn’t as perfect as it seemed.

They had a lead to a man named Drake on Pembric II. Loh’khar and Gorak both confirmed that Pembric II was the heart of Kathol’s underground. With Sarne leaving, it is definitely going to be thrown into a power struggle soon.The Noble Houses and an organization called the Bombaasa Cartel were vying for control of the planet. This was also the planet the Hutt wanted to be dropped off on. They laid coarse and started planning an infiltration strategy to find a man called Drake.

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