1.08: Lying Low: Desert Goddess & The Dragon

1.08: Lying Low: Desert Goddess & The Dragon

Day 26-28 (After ANH)

The First Crew to take on the Black Sands

Where: Socorro, Black Sand Badlands – Bharhulai Regions

Escaping in a ball of flame and angry Bharulai, the group attempted to fly out of the area in a stolen air-car, which was intended to be used as a cruise missile against on of the Boliscon Towers. However, despite the skill of their pilot, the vehicle was too heavily damaged.

Making it look like they crashed, the group investigated a faint signal near an oasis they picked up, en-route to an escape back to the crashed freighter. There they found the body of a dead Monnok with a Slaver collar. This lead to a conclusion that they were near the mysterious slaver operation out in the desert.

They followed faint rhythmic drums further in the badlands to find a ceremony being performed by a tribe of Monnoks, apparently sacrificing a group of captives to their feared desert dragon god. The captives were the rescue team sent by Boliscon. This was further evidence that natives are in a up-roar over something.

Rescuing the captives, the group discovered the dragon was more than just a creature to fear and he was using the image of some in the group – Xauburn – as Goddess figure to stir up the Monnok’s power of worship. This power in turn hid him from prying minds that might be interested in his presence and his abilities… as a Duinuoguin Star-Dragon Jedi Master.

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