1.13: Hunters in the Stones

1.13: Hunters in the Stones

Chronicle Day 71-73: 1 yr. Pre-ANH

Dates: 3/18/2000

Location: Mrlsst Asteroid belt & Mrlsst

Getting off the asteroid before the test went off was easier than Riddom liked, but he was not one to look a gift-bantha in the tusks. The Sunrise pulled away, evading sensors, as the asteroids own sensor envelope weakened from the energy drain the test was creating. However, the sudden flash they expected never came. The research station did not explode as they expected.

A different one did.

A few kilometers away, another one of the twelve exploded, interupting the test. a squadron of X-Wings arched past their ship. Rebels.

The explosion was immense. They were attacking the primary coordinating research & energy distributiuon asteroid stations, not one of the twelve originating asteroids. This was more a strategic attack, meant to cause collateral damage. It also could indicate that the Rebels knew of the 12 Stars and didn’t want to destroy them.

The blast also had another unintended effect. Both the Lambda shuttle and the Sunrise that were leaving the asteroid were bombarded by the EM pulse of the explosion. It was so intense, it knocked both ships’ systems out, both ships tumbling in space adrift.


Riddom struggled to get his systems back online, with Remmy’s help. The droids vast wealth of knowledge and ability to use it was proving useful, even though Riddon’s own droid-brained ship was getting jealous.

Notes: Asteroid explosion taking out both ship systems, Rebel Squadron, Sluggers, hunting Drag’ha, negotiating with the Rebels and the Herglic Sluggers, the split Herglic crew and House Adrios (and information Marks found out), the hunt & Imperial attack, Admiral at the helm, tricky maneuvers, final escape, capture by Imperials, a short thank you. Calandra’s Gift, and it’s interuption. RikTak returns.

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