2.12: Masters Of Exocron: Epilogue

2.12: Masters Of Exocron: Epilogue

DS Day 178

Where: Exocron System

The Devisor’s rule lay in ruins. The virus had spread further than the Devisors were lead to believe. In their thirst for power and domination, they made an alliance with the Devil. They were so easily deceived. The Exocronian rebels helped leak out the word that the Devisors had made a pact with the Qektoth, and that a virus was released partially because of their actions. The rebels also staged strikes against Devisor strongholds that held Devisor technology. Eida Sharden helped the Farstar locate and destroy the tractor beams holding their ship in orbit. Finally, Thyte sighed.

The remnants of the leadership stepped up, with a few Devisors who could be trusted, and the rebel leaders agreeing on a truce, after about a day and a half of fighting. Because of the Qek threat on the other side, the people had to draw together to defend from any attack. They knew it wouldn’t be long before the Qek would try to collect the victims of their virus. The defense force was mobilized and set on alert for any attack. Meanwhile, the provisional government pleaded with Gorak and the Farstar command crew for help. They desperately needed a cure for the virus and only the Farstar could help them. While hte Exocronians held off the Qek, they needed the Farstar to find the cure. The Qek didn’t have enough presence within the Rift fragment nebula to sustain a long term war around Exocron, especially when the Devisor technology was integrated into the Airfleet. The Qek usually took a very covert strategy in their conquests, and when things went sour, they left to come back later.

The Farstar had a job to do.

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