20.0 – Volturnus: The Artifact

20.0 – Volturnus: The Artifact

Fighting through the Mindwalkers of Pale, the party meets the final lead Mindwalker – a life-sucking pisonic and his cybo-dragon war beast.

Reaching the lower levels, they finally meet with the remaining Templars of the Eorna, powerful mentalists who survived the Sathar invasion and continue to fight the war with the Sathar today. The conveyed a few key pieces of intelligence.

  • There are Sathar survivors on planet that have been living here for centuries, through the use of stasis and various longevity surgeries.
  • They have been trying to reach their homeworld and the Templars suspect that they are trying to use alien gate technology found on this world.
  • The Templars were involved in the construction of the planetary defense system and know that it was never complete.
  • In order to oppress the alien armies of the Ul-Mor and the Kurabanda, the Sathars erected a psionic oppression emitter that devolved them all to primitive societies.


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