2017 Spring Season TV Watching

2017 Spring Season TV Watching

In this modern age, it is harder and harder to get into shows especially if you cut the cord like we did.  Now we rely on streaming and HD airwaves for our entertainment.  Hulu, Netflix, Sling.TV and Kodi/XBMC are the keys to our entertainment.  I have been watching similar things for a while now, with very little new things entering the picture.  In no particular order, notable shows I have been watching are…

The Man in the High Castle – Anyone that knows me knows I love WWII and alternate history.  This is a great show! By far, it is my favorite of all I am watching right now.  I binge it in less than a week.

The Expanse – Tied for my favorite is this series.  I have read the first book and reading the second.  This is hard and gritty sci-fi the way I life it.  It proves you don’t need physics-defying magic-tech like hyperspace and the Force to have a good story.

Arrow – I would lump the Arrow-verse together as one single show but some are better than others right now.  Arrow is still my favorite because it is dark and brooding but the story has weakened quite a bit lately.  The magic plot line was really watered down and now I feel like the bad guy is taking a back seat to all the extra characters they keep bringing in.  I still like Oliver but the new characters are starting to bother me, as is some of the left-leaning story it has had lately.  I know the show-runner has said he is a “radical progressive” and plans to counter the “conservative agenda” with more leftist story-lines and I am not happy about that.  If it gets too bad, I may have to drop it from my list.

Flash – This remains my second favorite although it still feels watered down.  Too much humor and not enough good story.  But it is entertaining still.

DC Legends of Tomorrow – The common man’s Dr Who, this show has its moments but I really do not see how much longer it can go.  What bothers me the most is they preach about all their “time aberrations” but apparently when they kill or badly maim people from the past, they don’t cause them.  It’s kind of ridiculous but like I said, it has its moments.

Supergirl – I only watch this one now for the connection to the rest of the  Arrow-verse.  This show is a leftist preacher session every week.  I fast forward it through the “alternate lifestyle” crap and try to stick with the super hero story.  Again, more leftist crap on this show and I may drop it.   My kids like it, so we still watch it despite all the crap in it.

Emerald City – This show has its moments too.  It tries so hard to turn Oz into a new Westeros.  So many moments, I just see them copying the tropes established by Game of Thrones. But because I like the RPG Battle for Oz, I am watching it for inspiration.  However, it is also taking a serious left turn in certain aspects of the show – namely the girl-turned-boy-turned-girl storyline of Pip. I am not happy with the take on that story.  I see it as very opportunistic and I would imagine Mr. Baum rolling in his grave over it.

Supernatural – I just can’t let this show go.  No matter how tropy or bad it gets, there is so much more that is good about it.  The boys have grown on me so much that I just can’t let it go.  And it’s not a gay thing, OK?

Dark Matter/Killjoys – I lump these together because I envision them basically in the same universe.  They are good and fun sci-fi shows that I really enjoy a lot.

The 100 – This is a show I can not believe keeps on going.  Each year, I think it can not get any worse – for the characters, not the story.  It’s pretty good but I never know where they are taking the story and they always seem to surprise me.   They have turned every trope on its head and created a really unique post apocalyptic show.  Yet again, someone trying to copy Game of Thrones but they did it well.

I watch a little reality TV too – still watch Survivor, Amazing Race, and Face Off, but those are rarely inspiring to me.  I love story and usually pull ideas from the various shows for my RPG sessions.  Reality TV has very little inspiration in it.  I also watch 24 Legacy but I already commented on it. There are a few other shows like that that I watch – Blind Spot comes to mind – but those are not as inspirational either.

There isn’t much to look forward too.  The Star Trek is the only thing I can think of that I am looking forward to.  Other than that, I can not think of anything I look forward to watching.  That may be because I don’t know much about what is coming on (because we stream so much) but it may be more because nothing inspires me.

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