Savage Herculoids: Tara

Savage Herculoids: Tara

Zandor’s wife. Tara is the wife of Zandor and is also Queen of Amzot. She is also the mother of Dorno. Tara is also an excellent marksman with a slingshot and energy rocks.

Race: Human

Rank/XP: Veteran (40)

Agility  d8 Charisma 0
Smarts  d8 Pace 6
Spirit  d8 Parry 7
Strength  d8 Toughness 8
Vigor  d10
Fighting d10

Intimidation d6

Notice d6

Shooting d12

Climbing d6

Survival d6

Throwing d8

Code of Honor (Protect Amzot from technology and war)
Brawny, Arcane Background (Super Powers), Power Points, Arcane Resistance (+2)
 Shield, Energy Stones, Slingshot
 Absorption, Physical.  Absorption, Energy.  Ageless. Super Attribute (+1 Strength).  Super Attribute (+2 Vigor).  Awareness.

Savage Hercluoids Background

During the Second Age of War on Amzot, when the Traxian Empire was engaged in a massive war with the Kyanites, Project Herculus was born. Tara was a super soldier created in this project.  Unfortunately, the Traxians were defeated before the Herculus Project was complete. Tara, along with his family and a series of war beasts dubbed the Herculoids were the only creatures to escape from the facility before it was destroyed.

Now Tara, her family and the Herculoids defend all those that look to conquer the once great planet of Amzot.  She helps her husband fend off any attempt to bring war technology to the world.  After two ages of horrific war, Zandor and his allies have sworn to keep all war technology off Amzot.


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