Abuse: The Final Insult Card Game

Abuse: The Final Insult Card Game

From: EOS Press

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Abuse: The Final Insult Card Game is a new Card Game from EOS Press.

Some time ago I reviewed a game called F*ck This by BTRC. It was a sentence-forming card game that was somewhat adult in nature. Abuse: The Final Insults is similar except it is not quite as adult oriented and it focuses on forming insulting sentences.

From the back cover: “Abuse: The Final Insult is a card game not quite like any other”

The goal of the game is to have the fewest points. You play cards (either horizontally or vertically) to forminsulting sentences. The round ends with the first person laying down his last card. Those who still have cards gain the point values of their cards as a penalty.

Card types are Starts, Links, Finishes, and Comebacks. The Starts, Links, and Finishes are for sentences. All these cards have colored arrows that signify the types of cards and where they can be laid out in a sentence. The arrows on one card have to match the arrow on the card that is laid out beside it or above/below it. A sentence, for example could be -“Your mother is absurdly pathetic.” That’s about as bad as the insults can get.

There are also special cards. Furthermore cards allow you to place another sentence if you have it. There are Blank cards that you can use as a wild card for any word. This is where the game can get worse based on the group you with. There are Comeback cards as mentioned before that can be played in response to a sentence targeted at you. There are also self-contained one-card sentences called One-liners that can be played as a sentence and even reacted to with a Furthermore or a Comeback.

Game flow is fairly simple also. Starting with the first player, you draw a card – either the top card in the discard pile or the draw pile. Then you lay a sentence down, if you can, aiming it at a particular player. There are specific rules about how a sentence is supposed to be formed, including the arrows matching, etc. Once the sentence is done, and any reactions to the sentence are played, you may discard a card.

In conclusion, this is a fun little card game. I can not say that this game thrilled me to death or anything, but it can be fun if you have a creative bunch. It is a good little game if you have a short time to kill. It has a sort ofUno feel to it. As long as you do not take any of the sentences personally, ou can have fun with it.

For more details on EOS Press and their new Card Game “Abuse: The Final Insult Card Game” check them out at their website http://www.eos-press.com, and at all of your local game stores.

Abuse: The Final Insult Card Game

From: EOS Press

Type of Game: Card Game

Written by: Greg Stolze

Developed by: Greg Stolze

Number of Pages: 2 page rules

Game Components Included: 80 cards

Retail Price: $ 9.95 (US)

Number of Players: 4 for every 80 cards

Player Ages: 14+

Play Time: 30 minutes +

Item Number: EOS 5001

Website: www.eos-press.com

Reviewed by: Ron McClung/