Action Filled Dream!

Action Filled Dream!

I had a crazy and intense dream last night that was very vivid and emmersive. This was obviously spurred on by recent senseless riots in Britain, along with the economic stuff going on here, and the ever present terrorist threat that we are all still paranoid about. (who said the terrorists didn’t win?)

I was with my family but we were in a house very similar to my old house in Jersey. We were all watching as riots all across America were breaking out. But they were not in the form of the riots in Britain. We have guns here in the US so it was killing sprees.

Some how I get wind that these riots/killing sprees are a terrorist plot. I get my gun and tell my wife to get hers, as I know there killings going on nearby. Somehow, the terrorists learn that I know their plot, and send two guys after me and my family. I go after them with my .40 Glock, knock one down and then my gun wouldn’t fire in my dream. The second guy chases me down, talking on a ear piece at the same time, and I trick him turning and corner and got him as he came around.

Man, all that kind of action made for a restless sleep. As I get older, I am less excited by those kinds of dreams and more scared of them. They are more nighmares for a guy wiht a family as I feel powerless to defend them. I think I willed myself make it a happy ending this time, but I woke up stressed out and breathless.

What a dream!

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