Adventure 2 – Fool’s Gate Gambit

Adventure 2 – Fool’s Gate Gambit


Where: Xenos Sector, Vux System.  Planet: Fool’s Gate. The City of Dreshnash

The PCs, as HLA members, are sent to Dreshnash to find a missing HLA team of which the Fleet agent is one of them.

The City of Dreshnash

The city is very crowded.  It’s primary business is gambling, brothels and black market.  It is a city full of scum and villainy.  Streets are crowded with vendors of all kinds.  Black market kiosks can be found anywhere.  Alnish dealers are everywhere.

Dreshnesh is a major seaport in the northwestern continent of the planet.  The city is divided into 4 quadrants – Alpha (north east), Beta (north west), Gamma (south west) and Omega (south east).  The eastern border of the city meets the waterway and ocean docks are located in both the Alpha and Omega quadrants.

Alpha Quad aka Goldentown

KNown for its more well-to-do tenants, this is where all the crimelords reside.  Usually heavily patrolled by crime syndicate guard, each having their own turf. “Crime Lords” in the Fool’s Gate sense of the word is not truly a lord, more like a duke or baron.  There are rumors that all these barons answer to a high power, however.

Beta Quad aka The Works

One of the few corporations brave enough to venture into Fool’s Gate, BendaCorp established considerable manufacturing and power plants in Beta Quad.  The power plant supplies to the city, of course, in exchange for cuts in the business.  The manufacturing plant specializes in bobbles and trinkets.  The site executive is a Vizzben who is always open to knew schemes to unload his trinkets and bobbles.

The works is patrolled by a robot garrison maintained by the corporation. Much of the plant operations are automated as well.  Only a few hundred employees reside in Beta Quad.

Gamma Quad aka The Realm

This area is a bolter dumping ground.  Aliens of all kinds that don’t have enough creds to go anywhere else populate this area.   One can find alien restaurants, bars, brothels, and places of the strange and unique here.  Gamma Quad, over time, has developed its own culture.  For example, one of the unwritten laws of the street in Gamma Quad is that all aliens leave their “personal baggage” outside the city limits.  No interracial rivalries and no racism. Gangs of mixed aliens roam the streets but rivalries between them, never occur.

There is a rumor that a few renegade Armagons are hiding somewhere in the streets of the Realm.

The streets of Gamma Quad is patrolled by a secret society of peace-keeping vigilante-style heroes known as the Shades.  They have a strong honor code and are strong warriors.  They all where masks and no one knows what lies beneath those masks.

Omega Quad aka The Ports

This area is made up of the major starport in Dreshnash.  It is controlled by a conglomerate of smugglers and trading crime syndicates.  It is patrolled by a force of mercs under the hire of this Conglomerate.  The major seagoing docks also are located here, making this a major area of trade and commerce.

Important NPCs

Juan Moonstrider – Lone freelance smuggler and trader, as well as general troublemaker for the corporations.  He was once a bolter slaver but lost the taste for it after a while (conscience kicked in).  He also has worked for Fleet as a free agent among the Bolter worlds.  He has since disconnected from Fleet and Fleets considers him “AWOL” – once with Fleet, you always with Fleet.  FLeet wants him jailed, and many corporations want him dead because of his knowledge of the bolter slaver ring and the labor camps he used to take them to. He has longed to make amends for his past crimes.

Orphaned as a very early age, he was actually never named when he was born.  So he has travelled under many false names.  Born on the streets of a backwoods planet, he worked hard to appear otherwise.  He was very successful at times, for example, boarding luxury liners passing as a rich passenger’s child.  This is one of the many ways he conned his way around the systems.

Juan never knew his parents but soon realized what he inherited from them – psionic ability.  His psionic ability has yet to be fully realized but he feels that both his parents were very powerful psionicists.

In one particularly nasty encounter with Red 2029 raiders, he lost his arm.  He has since replaced it with a cybernetic arm.  It has hidden laser pistol attachments.

Moonstrider is currently working with the Sley’eth, freeing them from the slavery of the Ka’Abrel.


At some point, the PCs will meet Juan Moonstrider (he helps them out of a situation involving the various factions of the City). He claims to know where the person they are looking for is and he is willing to help, if they help him with the Sley’eth.

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